Tuesday, 29 March 2016

29th Finished Relics Britanan Highlanders and Infinity Kurgat Engineer

I've been trying to catch up on some painting the last few days and I've managed to finish off my Britanan Highlanders for Relics finishing off my starter set. I do have another four or so units to go, but as I'm sure you've noticed I've been playing a fair amount of Infinity so I currently have another few hundred points of Combined Army models primed and I've started a couple of the Shasvastii troopers to give me a little more variety. I've also taken a few shots of the Kurgat Engineer I finished off last week.



Back to normal work hours again this week, but I'm hoping with the school holidays on I'll get a few more games in. We finally pulled Dungeon Saga down and gave it a play, nice simple mechanics and not a bad way to spend an hour I'd say we'll push through the first campaign over the holidays. I'm also planning on getting another game of Infinity in with The Brother and hopefully I'll be able to organise a time with The Uncle to give him a look at the system as well.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

27th March - 26th March Infinity vs The Brother

Got another couple of games of infinity in this week, one with Toby and one against The Brother. There's a link here for the game against Toby. There is of course a link here for the game against The Brother.


We had just finished cleaning up after repelling the previous Haqq-Islamic attack when suddenly a force of Caledonian Ariadna soldiers appeared on the outskirts of our acquisitions. We took the advantage of what time we had and fortified and then they were on us.

The Cameronian soldier surged forward behind smoke followed by a group of the 45th Highlander Rifles. This was accompanied by the ringing shot of a T2 sniper rifle as the Cateran lined up the distant Sogarat but the Morat’s heavy armour soaked the blow. Another round of fire saw the trooper drop his head behind the cover. Unfortunately this gave the Scots guards fire team a chance to open threaten the embedded Combined Army troopers. The next two attacks from the missile launcher toting Scottish soldier had both the Kurgat and an Unidron Batroid suffer an explosive death. Pushing their advantage the humans moved to defend against any alien movements.

A second Unidron moved to attack the Wolver soldier but it was quickly felled by the T2 ammo from the halfbreed soldiers rifle. The Sogarat pops his head back up and takes out the Wolver with his Feuerbach and then moves off ignoring the sniper rounds that impacted harmlessly on it’s heavy armour. The Malignos hacker moved to drop a mine to threaten the Scots guard fire team and attempts to Data Hack an enemy soldier as per EI instructions but is unable to land the program.

The Cameronian attempted to drop smoke but was unable to beat the speed of the Maakrep tracker who left the beast bleeding. The Highlanders though managed to put down a large amount of smoke obscuring the entire flank of the battlefield. The Ariadna link team somehow manages to dodge the oncoming fire of both the anti-personnel mine and the watching Sogarat. They continue to move and the Sogarat finally succumbs to the large amount of armour piercing rounds coming his way and the Morat falls to the ground dead. Pushing their advantage the team moves and sends a hail of bullets at the Malignos but the Shasvastii hacker ducks quickly into the back door of the nearby building. Not to be discouraged the Scots guard edge forward and another Combined Army casualty in the form of the Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid is left unconscious on the ground.

Seeing victory slipping through his fingers the Umbra decides to take matters into his own hands, rapidly heading into combat tearing through a member of the link team though as the human fell to the ground the missle launcher dropping from his fingers. Feeling a nagging pain the alien lieutenant looked down to see the life ebbing from his bullet torn torso as he too slowly toppled down. The Malignos stuck his head out attempting to take out another member of the Scots guard while they were distracted but his shot went wide and he quickly ducked back into cover.

With the Combined force in tatters the Ariadna men quickly took control of two of the facilities antennas, though with difficulty giving the Malignos hacker several attempts to finish his Classified Objective saving a small measure of his forces dignity.
The remains of the Combined Army force withdrew from the field, leaving victory in the hands of the Ariadna soldiers.
It was his first full game of Infinity and we both had a great time. He's done a write up on his blog site as well which you can find here. I think we're going to push to try to get another one in while he's on holidays. On a hobby note I'm not too far off finishing my Britanan Highlanders which feature my first crack at tartan so I'll hopefully get them done and photographed soon.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

22nd March - 19th March Infinity vs The Eldest (Flamia Island Campaign)

Another game of Infinity in this time against The Eldest again. I let her pick the location this time so we ended up playing in the Zhurong Power Plant with the Engineering Deck mission. Another great game and while The Eldest made a few mistakes, she's learnt that while being cautious is important you do need to be a little aggressive as well, especially in the limited turn objective format in the missions in this campaign. The official report can be found here.

Another redeployment takes me away from my recently acquired territory in the Astroport and sees me patrolling at the Zhurong Power Plant. Before long we discover an encroaching force of Nomad soldiers and the Combined Army squad prepares to repel the human troops.

Once again catching their foes flat footed the Combined Army force opens the hostilities with the Kurgat driving the Iguana back behind the nearby building giving himself an open corridor and he moves to the nearby console though his initial attempt to gain access in denied. On the other flank the Fraacta moves up to another console, with her attempt succeeding instantly gaining vital access for the EI. The Kurgat finally manages to access his and sets up covering the Nomad approach. With two consoles safely controlled the Umbra moves to attack the central room opening the doors and covering the room from the doorway. The Maakrap moves up to add more covering fire to the unclaimed console near the Nomads and while an Interventor manages to hit the alien his armour easily absorbs the impact of the rifle round. The Rachio catches an Alguacil out in the open catching him with several AP/Shock rounds. The Morat pilot spreads his fire between the distant Grenzer and Iguana. The nimble sniper dodges the rounds, but the Nomad TAG takes some minor damage to his machine.

The Grenzer then loads his DA rounds and opens fire at the Kurgat knocking the Morat engineer unconscious while his armour and cover saves him again from the Multi-HMG fire from the Combined Army TAG. The Revered Healer runs toward a console dodging the oncoming rounds from the Fraacta and easily gains control of the systems. The Grenzer sends his rounds toward the Rachio hitting the war machine but failing to penetrate the thick armour. The Interventor sends more rounds at the Maakrep unwilling to leave the safety of her cover but again is unable to pierce the aliens armour. This set a bit of a trend for the Nomads with the Iguana’s rounds at the Rachio also failing to damage the Combined Army TAG. Finally on the other flank the other Interventor advances dodging the plasma rounds from the entrenched Unidron.

The Umbra moves to claim control of the central room securing it for the EI. With both Combined hackers occupied the Ikadron is sent across the field to harass the enemy HVT, but is held back waiting for the covering fire of the Iguana to be cleared away. Several busts of fire are exchanged between the Rachio and the Nomad TAG and sniper until finally the Grenzer is caught but several rounds and drops lifeless to the ground. The Morat pilot then concentrates his fire at the Iguana causing more structural damage but failing to bring the machine down.

The Iguana returns fire trying to avenge his fallen teammate but the Combined TAG’s armour plating makes a mocker of his rounds, until finally a round catches an exposed cable causing some minor damage. An Alguacil tries to clear an approach to the central room by taking out the two Unidrons but his shot goes wide and the answering plasma rounds catch him before he can duck back behind his cover and the man crashes to the ground unconscious. The Iguana renews the TAG battle but again the Rachio’s armour proves to be too much, while the pilots ring with the sound of rifle fire ricocheting off his own machines armour. The Iguana in his haste to hit the Maakrep who dared to attack him manages to miss his targets completely with his fire going well wide of the Rachio and the Maakrep safely ducking into the central room. The paramedic Alguacil moves to assist his fallen comrade but the Fraacta’s fire while inaccurate is enough to send the soldier into a nearby covering archway.

Suddenly the Med Tech Obsidon Medchanoid springs to life, streaming across the battle field until it reached the damaged Combined TAG repairing it and fulfilling the Classified Objective given to it before the encounter began. The Fraacta moves to a better position and opens fire on the nearby Nomad troops. The Reverend Healer takes a critical wound from the fire and is caught by the second round leaving her slumped over her console, the paramedic however proves to be quicker than the Fraacta hitting her with his rifle fire and triggering survival mode. An Unidron advances to a better position threatening the approach to the wounded Alguacil and the Rachio sends more ineffective fire toward the Nomad TAG continuing their ongoing grudge match.

Realising time is against them now the Nomads begin to take risks with the female Interventor finally making a dash for the console exposing herself to the Rachio who answers her risk with an explosive round leaving little of her to be mourned over. Sensing their mission well beyond their grasp the remaining Interventor sends a Fastpanda and hacks the Unidrons running Gotcha! leaving the batroids struggling to reset and taking the pressure off a Nomad withdrawal. The Iguana fires one last burst at the Rachio renewing the recently repaired damage before the Nomads are forced to withdraw badly mauled leaving the Combined Army in possession of the field.
Victory for the EI!!
Another good game and with the Easter holidays coming up more to come, hopefully I'll be getting at least one in against The Brother and I've got a few planned against Toby. Looks like there's some nice light today so I'll get a few proper shots of that finished Kurgat and do a little hobby update post.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

17th March - 15th March Infinity vs The Wife (Flamia Island Campaign)

The Wife and I clashed again, this time in the Astroport. I know I said I'd play something else but I've got the Infinity bug at the moment :). The campaign report is here.

After our victory over the Nomads we quickly consolidate our newly acquired territory and move so seize more of this vital theatre. It is on our initial outward push we come across our familiar foe the Pan-Oceania.

Unable to get a clear line of fire to any of the PanO the Combined Army advances quickly into the first and second quadrants while the Fraacta drop trooper successfully drops into the the third putting the pressure on the human forces.

The Auxilia and it's bot move into the fourth quadrant. A Fusilier armed with a HMG firing at the Umbra and an Unidron. The Umbra hits the Fusilier sending him scurrying for cover, some of the Auxilia's rounds hit the Unidron but it's amour holds and it stands firm. The Nisse hacker sends rifle fire down the street knocking out the Unidron. The Umbra's return fire is accurate and the human drops instantly to the ground unconscious as the rounds pass through his armour. Another Fusilier rounds the corner this time armed with a Combi rifle. The line trooper tries to dodge the Umbra's fire but luckily for her the aliens shots this time are as terrible as her attempt to dodge. Over by the third quadrant the Hospitaller moves to clear the Fraacta from the zone, but her return fire finds a critical weakness in the Knight's amour and he is left bleeding. The Jotums moves into the quarter firing rounds at the Fraacta, with the second burst forcing the alien into survival mode. This saw control of the battlefield split evenly, with two quadrants each

The Malignos chose this moment to reveal himself with a surprise shot across at the two Fusiliers but in it's haste managed to completely miss both targets. The Rachio pilot moves his machine forward into the third quadrant tipping control toward the Combined Army where it belonged. The Shasvastii sniper berating himself internally for such a woeful opening shot lines up the Fusilier carrying the HMG and two rounds put the man down one catching him in an armour seal and one bursting through the protection. Feeling that his luck is turning he then lines up the other missed target and two quick rounds put her down too again with deadly accuracy. The Fraacta decides that if she was going to survive to fight getting out of the Jotums line of fire was essential so with burst of combi rifle fire she makes her move, the Hospitaller attempts to keep his head down and luckily the Jotums answering shot is as wildly inaccurate as her own and she makes it to safety. With the approach clear the Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid streams across the now empty street quickly delivering a D-charge to the vehicle in front of him succeeding in his Classified Objective. The Malignos also takes advantage of the lack of PanO troops in site and re-camouflages.

The Auxilia 'bravely' sends his remote around the corner and flames spew from the bot, but the serpentine reactions of the Medchanoid see it easily dodge the oncoming flames as it slithers to safety. The Jotums moves deeper into the quadrant firing at the Rachio through a narrow window but the Morat pilot proves to be the better shot and the human TAG takes some structural damage. The Hospitaller tries to pull back in an attempt to try a different approach but the Fraacta's rifle fire catches a weak point in his armour and the damage knocks the solider unconscious. The remaining Fusilier edges his way to get a shot at the Combined Army medic but as it easily dodges the rounds an accurate K1 shell from the distant Umbra Legates has his lying senseless on the pavement. The Auxilia sends the remote to do his dirty work again but again the Med-Tech easily avoids the attack. The battlefield is now firmly falling to the Combined onslaught with all four quadrants currently under alien control.

The Fraacta advances behind cover running constant Stop! programs against the Jotums and despite a failure and a successful reset attempt from the remote operator the drop trooper finally succeeds in immobolising the machine and manages to fry a small portion of it's circuitry. The Umbra moves to get a firing position but is unable to land a hit as the machine dodges out of the way deeper into cover. The Combined Lieutenant advances again and this time makes sure all three rounds slam into the metal frame tearing through internal machinery and destroying the bot, he then continues his advance and ensures the the fourth quadrant stays in Combined control. The Rachio moves to a better position to cover against any further encroachment on their newly acquired territory and the Medchanoid heads to explore the depths of the TAG maintenance bay removing itself as a potential target.

The Jotums operator manages to pull of a reset order and while the systems reboot the Akal Commando makes his first move of the battle carefully rounding the cover and sending a E/Mitter round at the Rachio though the pilot avoids the round and ducks behind the covering edge of the building. The human tries to give chase but caught be the Kurgat as his Autocannon round leads the man to suffer a rather explosive death. The ORC trooper moves to the covering edge of the vehicle he'd been cowering behind the entire time and fires a burst from his MULTI rifle but not only does the Umbra's armour hold the alien treats the oncoming shells as if they were nothing holding firmly in his position. The Jotums then rounds the corner bathing the Fraacta in flame, but the brave soldier puts the needs of the many ahead of her own and runs another Stop! program letting the flames wash over her. Her bravery is rewarded as the program fries more circuitry leaving the TAG disabled and she emerges from the flames unscathed. Again all four quadrants are in the hand of the Combined Army and the tattered remains of the PanO force quickly limp back deeper into city.

Another crushing defeat for the PanOceania  in the name of the EI.

Another great game and The Wife is really starting to come along, the dice didn't treat her as well as myself but we both had a good time. I'm a bit busy with work at the moment and the weather hasn't been great, but their will be some pictures of the finished Kurgat soonish.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

15th March - 14th March Infinity vs The Eldest (Flamia Island Campaign)

Another game of Infinity in, this time against The Eldest and her Nomad force. We chose the Astroport as the location of our encounter and you can find my "official" report here (again the only difference is there are more photos here and you can vote there). The official scenario for the location is a quadrant control mission with the table apart from the deployment zones being divided into four equal quadrants with dominance being worked out at the end of each round based on the non-null state troops points value for each faction.

Our skirmish in Antela over and the squad quickly replenished we move on, back to the Astroport. The Nomad's defensively waited for us to act first but this would prove to be their downfall.

The Malignos signaled the start of the rush by preparing to firing from concealment at the Iguana, but the Nomad pilot spots the movement as the Shasvastii sniper breaks cover and a critical hit puts the solider into seed-embryo state. The Fraacta drops in behind the control tower and advances along the cover opening a firing line across the Nomad deployment. A steady advance through cover has the Combined Army force take control of quadrant one and two. The Rachio sends a burst down the street killing an Alguacil and damaging the Nomad TAG. A second burst of fire and it's answer sees no further damage to either machine.
 An accurate burst of HMG fire from the Iguana sees the Raicho rocked on it's feet, but the TAG's heavy plating holds and it is no worse for wear, but a nearby Unidron's return fire baths the machine in plasma forcing the pilot to eject from the mighty frame though he advances into quadrant four taking control for his faction despite the loss of his TAG frame. The Mobile Brigada fires at the Maakrep and the Fraacta but the return fire forces the man to miss as he is wounded and drops down prone behind the hastily assembled barricade. The Grenzer sniper then took aim at the Fraacta killing the Combined solider while the return fire from the Unidron did little but attract the snipers attention and his next burst took down the batroid. One of the Interventors began to push into the third quadrant dodging the Maakreps fire but as he pushed forward the Umbra lined him up and dropped him to the ground unconscious. One of the other Alguacils moves up into the third quadrant but attracts the attention of the entrenched Maakrep and Umbra and is caught by an explosive round and in knocked out but the wound. The final Alguacils advances into better cover and sends some fire down at the Med-Tech Obisdon Medchanoid but and combination of the horrible range and the hybrids quick reflexes see it slither out of sight behind a nearby cargo container. A flash of black and white and the remaining Interventor releases her panda in an attempt to shut down the flank approach of the Unidrons. (Objective points 1 vs 1)

At this point the Combined forces hold their ground with the Umbra sending a few shots to keep the Nomads heads down but to no physical effect and the Med-Tech streams across the back of the battle in an attempt to get the fallen Shasvastii sniper to his feet.

The Inteventor decides that she need to get her Classified Objective done to assist the Nomad cause. She heads across the battlefield drawing some accurate fire from a distant Unidron but her armour holds and her shielding easily deals with the plasma blast. The Grenzer heads to the rooftops and while the oncoming Combined Army rounds are accurate his armour holds and he ducks in behind a covering vent. The Nomad sniper tries out his new nest but more accurate HMG fire hits him and again he is only saved by his armour. The Mobile Brigada staggers to his feet and sends some deadly fire toward the Maakrep but the aliens armour holds and he holds firm in his position. (Objective points 2 vs 2)

The Raicho hugs the buildings and enters the fourth quadrant challenging the Nomad dominance while sending HMG shells toward the Grenzer knocking the man permanently from his perch. The Medchanoid attempts field surgery on the Shasvastii but kills fails and leaving the second quadrant in the hands of a couple of Unidron moves onward adding his weight to the push into the fourth.

The Inteventor rushes forward getting into a nearby building and into hacking range of the Combined Army HVT and quickly runs two spotlight programs achieving her Classified Objective. The hidden Spektr finally acts maintaining his TO:Camo but advancing into the first quadrant but leaves the third unclaimed forcing the paramedic Alguacil to risk HMG fire to secure the third quadrant again, which she does thanks to a wildly inaccurate burst. (Final Points 5 vs 3)

The Nomads are forced back and the Combined Army moves to fortify it's newly gained ground. Victory for the EI!!

Another enjoyable game and despite the final score we were fairly even with both of us having killing an even number of points of each other's forces, The Eldest's biggest issue was that she lost focus on the scenario object and didn't contest the quadrants evenly so lost out on one of her home ones in the last turn. But we both had fun and that's what counts in the end so I'm expecting some more game with the whole family soon. That Kurgat is now completely finished so I'll have a few shots up of him soon and I might do a bit of an update on that post as I've put a few bits together and started my next painting project as well.