Sunday, 20 November 2016

20th Nov - 15th Nov Frostgrave vs Toby

Finally managed to get a game in with Toby this week and we went for Frostgrave seeing as his character was falling a little behind the rest (mostly due to not managing to get on the table yet).

I decided to roll up a scenario this time and got the Worm Hunt one out of the core book. It's a pretty basic one where the bands are basically just facing off against each other until a single Worm spawns, but to be fair it is a rather large, rather vicious worm. I was a bit under the weather so my note taking was sup-par at best (the bits I've managed to decipher anyways) so the write up won't be as in depth as the norm.

Toby started off pretty aggressively frying one of my poor thugs with an elemental bolt. But as the game progressed I rather quickly shut the table down with Fog wall after Fog wall. I was hoping to get my wizard into combat again after my last game against Arwen but unfortunately my bragging about how powerful Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles was possibly not the best idea as his troops seemed unwilling to get within reach of the humble wizard. Of course due the number of walls of Fog up and the fact that not a single one dissipated I did managed to secure four out of the six chests taking the win.

As far as the casualties went my Thug survived during the end game process dusting himself off and rejoining the warband. One of Toby's archers however as not as lucky as it is apparently a lot easier to shake off a fireball to the face than it is to survive one to the back of the head (that's right he accidentally toasted his own man) followed by a worm's digestive tract (I'm assuming the worm would quite naturally just reach down and swallow the crispy bite of a man that was just sticking it with a pointy stick) even if the creature is eventually killed by the poor souls fellow soldiers.

I was nice to get something on the table against him again and hopefully we can organize another game of something soon.

I've also been playing a truck load of Kingdom Death: Monster having finally opened the box from Jen (The Wife) last Christmas after we watched the initial showdown on Beasts of War. It's also taking up a fair amount of my hobby time as I've been assembling the monsters and a few variants for the survivors in our various games (three campaigns running at the moment a solo in which the settlement is as thriving as it gets in this game, a husband/wife one where we're sitting middle of the road and a family one which is barely scraping through after it's first nemesis encounter and may well disappear over the next few hunts). I'm toying with some ideas for painting them, but I'm still knocking over the Abyssal Dwarves, although I'm possibly going to be picking up a few more things I want to try out before January's tournament so they may keep me going for a few more weeks yet.

I put a gloss coat on the Harley mini to start to get rid of the frosting from the initial matte coat of varnish and I decided I liked the look of her like that. Still not the best photos but I just don't seem to be having much luck getting a decent shot of her.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

8th November - Golems, Golems and More

I managed to finish off both sets of Golems for my Abyssal Dwarves last week and finally got around to getting some decent pictures of them. This brings my force almost up to completion, just need to knock over two troops of Decimators  and the Iron-caster on Greater Abyssal Halfbreed.

I've added an extra metallic colour this time round (my original Lesser Golems can be found here). The other big difference in painting style for these guys was a black prime with a grey dusting, as well as giving them a heavier preshade after my base coat of grey. I also messed around a little to get a bit of glow effect around their eyes.

The Greater Golem follows a similar prime coat and build up of colour and shade as the lesser ones did, though I got to play around more with the glow effect in his torso cavity with the gem there and the shards on his back game me a chance to try to get a more crystalline effect. I'm pretty happy with the result though I think some of my edge line could be finer and a few of the white points are a little large.

In between the finishing touches I also smashed out a comic book Harley Quinn miniature from the Batman Miniature Game for my eldest Theresa as part of her sixteenth birthday celebrations. She ended up on the cake board along to help cement the theme of the cake. I've noticed while taking the photos that my varnish coat "snowed" slightly on her so I'll give her a touch up to clear it up tomorrow if the weather holds

Gaming wise my brother and I have been attempting to get together for a game or two of Kings of War but so far every time we've worked something out, something manages to come up. However my youngest Arwen and I got a game in over Sunday and Monday nights. While her army is still in the gluing stage (she is making some decent headway though) I grabbed a couple of shots anyway.

We played an Invade scenario and after a brutal six turns ended in a stalemate, although Arwen did manage to get an extra seventy or so points over the line it wasn't enough for her to secure a win. We're looking at getting another game in tomorrow. I've kept my list the same as I've got a few different ideas when it comes to deployment, where as she has made a few changes to her force composition dumping a few weaker options and strengthening a couple of existing units.