Sunday, 27 September 2015

27th Sept - 24th Sept Frostgrave vs The Youngest

Well I haven't managed to fit in as much painting as I would have liked over the last couple of weeks with my extra hours but I'm not unhappy either. I've made a decent start on my Abyssal Dwarves I'm just not as far along as I'd hoped but with two weeks off coming up from next Thursday I should be able to get them back on track without too much hassle.

Gaming wise I've managed to squeeze in another game, this time against The Youngest. After re-reading my Frostgrave rules I realised we had been playing the damage part of combat wrong (not sure how it happened but I was taking the difference of the hit rolls against armour instead of the successful roll) so we were eager to give them a run (especially my rather violent daughter).

I put my latest 4Ground acquisition (the ruined building kit) to use and made a narrow 2"x 4" table with some rather heavily cluttered firing lines and populated it with Boars (Anyaral Grishaks) and Ice Toads (Cthulhu Wars Deep Ones).

The Youngest won the first initiative roll and moved up in two solid groups. I got slightly bogged down by a boar and after it half killed my barbarian continued to move up towards the nearest treasure.

The poor Youngest managed to then attract the aggression of all but one of the remaining monsters, but managed to take care of them with out taking too much damage her war hounds being the heroes of the day.

Of course being her violent self she then decided to hurl an elemental blast at my poor apprentice who was just standing there minding his own business causing the poor fellow to lose almost half his health. Well I just wouldn't stand for it so her wizard suddenly found herself glowing and then became a pin cushion for my archers who quickly put her out of action for the game.

This was just the beginning of her bad luck for the turn with both of her conjured walls disappearing leaving her apprentice in the sights of Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles who in his generous nature (just one of his many, many good qualities) offered to forgive the damage done to his now healed apprentice and would allow her to escape unharmed and one treasure chest heavier if she would quit the field now and tend to her mistress. His generous offer was gratefully accepted and the fledgling enchanter left the field dragging her unconscious master with her.

Another fun game and so much smoother and bloodier when you play the rules as written :). The Eldest and The Wife currently have a Guildball game going, and I believe The Eldest is taking a few shots and notes so I can put up a post of the game.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

13th September - Guildball Game vs The Eldest

As planned got downstairs after dinner tonight and finished off the on hold Guildball match with The Eldest. She had done her research and picked the six players she felt was the best fit for her first game. Shark, Angel, Kraken, Jac, Greyscales and Salt took the field for the Fishermen while I went for a slight change to my Mortician line up running Obulus, Silence, Cosset, Casket and Dirge, but swapping out Graves and running Ghast out for his first go on the field.

We decided to add a few bits of terrain out this time to give us an extra dimension to things and having received our order in the post the other day, got to use our nice shiny condition tokens. With each game I'm getting more and more tempted to get around to making some faction goals and I really have to paint and base at least on ball before too much longer. We did have a quick re deploy after this pic as The Eldest felt she wanted to change a few things around which resulted in what was basically just a flipped setup.

The Morticians won the toss and decided to receive the ball. Shark took the kick sending it fairly deep into the Mortician half and the game was away.

The teams moved up toward each other quickly with Silence snagging the ball just before the initial clash of players. Ghast took the fight to Shark as quick as could be managed. But was pushed back after landing a few blows. Silence meanwhile finding his chosen path begin to get blocked thanks to Angel and the perhaps slightly more of a roadblock Kraken, quickly hurled a flask of embalming fluid and began to look for a different route. While Casket moved up to try to cover his retreat.

The players began to pile up as a brawl began to develop around Shark and Ghast over on the far wing. But as Dirge fluttered about around the melee the Morticians gained the upper hand and soon had both Fisherman players knocked down and began to lay into them. Unfortunately Silence distracted by the various noises arising from the clash was a little slow of the mark and was engaged but Angel and as he went to head through the now clear centre towards his target goal the young player quickly stripped the ball from him, leaving the older player looking slightly outclassed.

The punishment continued on the other side of the field with Greyscales running in to support his captain but as the brawl continued Jac was once again knocked to the ground and Shark while still standing was rapidly tiring as the continued punishment began to take it's toll. Casket moved up to hem Angel in against the handy ruins, but with an almighty bellow Kraken charged the brutish looking man and with an amazing show of strength smashed the Mortician player into the dirt leaving a farrow as though for some form of giant cropland as he was pushed back into his own goal quarter.

Silence began his turn by hurling yet another flask of embalming fluid this time managing to douse Angel, Kraken and Salt leaving the trio liberally coated in the harsh liquid. As an added measure he then shutout Angel ensuring she would be the last to act for the Fishermen. Jac made one last valiant effort to save his captain but it was too little too late and the captain fell to Cosset's psychotically fueled attacks.

Obulus's gaze swept across the field before settling on Angel. The poor girl suddenly felt like she was observing someone else directing her body. Her horrified team mates watched on as she lobbed a beautiful pass off to Silence before seeming to slump slightly as if she were a puppet cut from her controlling strings. Kraken moved up to cut off the now standing Casket's approach and Salt skittered around Angel seemingly concerned by his mistresses strange behavior. Angel now seeming recovered from her episode sprang into action hitting Silence in the back and after several attempts she managed to recover ball.

This is where things began to get very interesting. Shark stayed off the pitch receiving extra attention from the physicians. Ghast robbed of his kill as far as he was concerned took his frustrations out on Jac and he was left to join his captain in the medic tent to get him back to some form playable state. Greyscales headed off to add his support to Angel, but again Obulus set his vision on Angel and the physic ropes again took hold of her as she moved to be sandwiched between the two Mortician players. Taking advantage of her proximity to Obulus after ducking a wild swing from the Mortician captain she launch her own attack and using her momentum moved to withing range of the goal and fired off a screamer giving her team the lead. The ball ended up at the feet of Cosset who decided she was attempt to level the score but despite basically standing on the goal ended up missing wildly and wishing she'd just hit someone instead as the laughs from the Fishermen supporters drifted across the field. Silence took a swing at Greyscales but failed to damage the old warhorse of a player, however he did manage to get himself into a much more favourable position. 

With the ball in such a tempting spot Shark chose this moment to be his time to return to the field. Dirge seeing the ball floating free glided over taking control of the ball and successfully returned it to Cosset. Shark not to be stopped charged in and took the ball back. Greyscales then felt the powers of Obulus and found himself jogging over to Ghast and after being nudged closer with a swing of Obulus's staff found himself engaged by the masked Mortician before being knocked to the ground as he attempt to add his weight to his captain's in the attempt to keep control of the ball. Cosset chose that moment to launch into Shark managing to get the ball off the Fishermen captain and then fired a pass off to Silence which while not accurate was at least not wildly inaccurate. Kraken took a couple of swings at Casket in frustration as he saw which way the game was heading as Silence gathered the ball up and headed toward the goal, before firing off a shot leveling the scores but sealing the match for the Morticians.

Another great game and I was really impressed with The Eldest's ability to see where she was going wrong during the game and changing her tactics and play style to suit the Fishermen better (I did give her some hints but she added it together herself). She's quite happy with the fact that it's the first goal I've conceded so far and is already planning tactics for when she plays against The Wife or Toby. I'm hoping to get another game of something in against Toby tomorrow night after work and maybe getting some painting done on Tuesday before I head into work.

Friday, 11 September 2015

11th September - 10th September Update

I've not had a lot of time for hobby lately (with someone out on holidays at work and covering the holes in the roster) but I've been squeezing it in where I can, of course this means less involved updates for the moment. I've played a few games of Sentinels of the Multiverse with The Daughters. Had a game a few weeks ago so I picked up last week. It's great for my current limited time frame. I've also glued most of my Abyssal Dwarf army for Kings of War, just waiting for a few missing pieces and I've still got to put the golems together but the hundred odd models I've got done will be enough to start with.

Tabletop wise I've got one of the guys from board game night interested in Infinity (he's looking at getting a Combined Army Morat starter box). The Eldest and I currently have a Guildball game going on one of the tables downstairs which we had to put on pause due to her assignments/my work. Finally The Wife and I squeezed in a quick game of Across the Dead Earth.

We just set up a small table with a single loot counter, both gangs coming to check out a rumor of a great haul to be had. It was a quick bloody encounter with The Wife and I both ending up with most of our gangs knocked out. She played boldly and for a few turns it looked like it was going to pay off for her, unfortunately for her boldness turned into recklessness and I'd soon put all her gang down and left the table with my reward..... It was a scam 5 measly credits damn State arena setups, the bastards must have been watching the whole thing from up in the hills...

My sharpshooter takes posistion

The Wife's sharpshooter
takes aim and puts down
my scout
The doctor is quick to
come to her aid, just not
so quick administering it

My leader takes a shot at The Wife's
assault gang member

My assault ganger takes
her down
The Wife's leader gets

Once again my leader misses

The Wife's sharpshooter doesn't

My sharpshooter finishes off
The Wife's medic and

And her leader is down
giving me the game

I'm looking at finishing off the game against The Eldest on Sunday and I'm hoping to get a decent start on my Abyssal Dwarves before I go on holidays in a few weeks but it'll depend on how much time I've got.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

3rd September - Finished Guildball Fishermen

So finished off the Fishermen for Guildball. The Eldest picked these as the team for her so I got to work getting them finished off before I start on the Kings of War Abyssal Dwarves. The Youngest is yet to get a chance to look at the rule book but I have had a promise extracted to stop everything and get them done once she picks them whoever they end up being.

Pretty happy with the way these ones finished up. I want to take a moment to put a small spotlight on the Basius 2.0 system from Wargames Bakery. I recently received my initial pledge from the first kickstarter and if your interested I'd recommend taking a look at the current one, I've backed for another three just to round out my collection. The Eldest wants the Forest one for her Kings of War Elves.

Enough rambling here are the finished Fishermen team:

Team Captain



The Siren

Centre Back

Defensive Midfielder


Team Shot

Hopefully I'll be able to fit a game in with The Eldest this Sunday, but with my gaming time limited through work for the next four weeks I'll just have to wait and see. I've started gluing my Abyssal Dwarves together but unfortunately I've now run out of glue, so I'll have to get some cash to The Wife and see if she'll head down to the shop for me tomorrow.