Sunday, 25 August 2013

Update 25/08/13

It's been a busy couple of weeks without much chance for gaming unfortunately. I did manage to catch up for my 1st game of Bolt Action with my brother, but it was a fairly sparsely populated table terrain wise and considering he has only played a couple of games himself there was a slightly too much page turning for me to focus on setting up an appropriate A.A.R.. On that front though I have now convinced all my board gaming mates, now fully equipped with Dreadball teams that it was time to try something larger. We now have 1000 points of Germans, Americans, Russians and Japanese on the way over from Warlord Games, with two more still deciding on which country they want to go for.

Here's a few shots of our game
German Infantry Squad

My Marder III comes to the end of it's life
Panzerschreck team takes advantage of the new cover
On the Dreadball front I've finished painting my Veer-myn team "The Lab Rats" and in the few scratch matches we've had they are so far undefeated. We should  be starting the first league games in the next month.

I've started working on some buildings to help fill a table and begun painting a Marauder team for Dreadball.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Stargrunt 2 Game 7th August 2013

My Uncles upcoming holiday and my brother's last minute work call, meant a hasty re-assessment of the days game and put a time limit on this weeks game. We had decided on Stargrunt during the week, but had decided to change the scenario around slightly. What was to be an escort the "Insert Glorious Leader's Title Here" safely from the plane wreckage in gang infested territory, became a "Rescue" two scientists from Argus III and "Escort" them to the safety of the nearby Neu Swabian League fleet. Seeing as the last time we'd played a game of Stargrunt was when I was 12 (20 years ago...) we decided to keep the squad composition simple just taking the infantry squad set-up for NSL out of the back of the book for both factions, making them veterans and having rank 2 NCOs.

##*##*## Mission Briefing ##*##*##

It has come to our attention that the renowned anti-matter research team Dr s Newbody and Longfellow are currently on Argus III testing a new containment field. In view of the harsh environment on the desert planet and the current anti-war demonstration obviously directed at the UN's current harsh actions against our glorious nation we have decided to send your squad down to the planets surface to rescue the stranded scientists and bring them safely to our secure facilities back on Tau Ceti II.

Scanners have detected a force of local "Peacekeepers" heading towards the location to detain the researchers themselves, this must not occur.

You are authorised to use what ever force you deem necessary in protecting the scientists but are advised to keep civilian causalities to a minimum due to the presence of the Galactic News Service.

Turn one saw me rapidly moving my squad towards the main township to try for a quick lucky roll and escape off the board, however the anti war protesters and news crew quickly spotted me and began what was a never ending series of delays and road blocks for me this game. A few turns in had me searching 3 buildings with no successes and turn 4 ended with the press finally managing to come into contact with my squad and proceed to question me for 4 rounds, thanks to some terrible rolling on my part in regards to the supposed "slaughter" of "innocents" on Argus IV. This finally saw my Uncle's local force coming into the village and being attacked by the peaceful protesters as they shouted slogan's such as "Make love not war" and "Guns for Books man" all the while peacefully pelting them with cans, sticks, the odd cat... basically whatever was at hand.

 After several turns on searching with no results, one of the scientists was turned up by the local force. There squad leader deciding one anti-matter researcher in the hand was worth two in the protester infested shanty town, immediately headed for his edge of the board and the safety of his barracks. Sensing that searching peacefully was no longer an option the NSL squad commander stating that he'd "never even heard of Argus V before.... I mean IV, I've never been on a secret mission to Argus V" headed for a nearby rocky hilltop to set up to open fire on the retreating unit. Closely followed by the now incited new crew and calls of "Sir, Sir, Are you the infamous Christian the Butcher, Slaughterer of the farmers of Argus IV and Destroyer of the Argus V Icemen??"

Heedless of the protesters still resolutely and most assuredly peacefully assaulting the local troops the NSL squad opens fire on the enemy, killing there SAW trooper and wounding the trooper carrying the rocket launcher well enough to take him out for the game. The protesters shocked that some one would dare assault the targets of there peaceful barrage of filth and aluminium head toward the hilltop. A turn of being unhampered by the new crew allowed me one more round of useful fire resulting in the wounding of another trooper, but some incredible armour saves prevented the other two shots from killing the squad leader and winning me the game.

The last turns resulted in the protesters deciding that it was much nicer in town and my squad busily answer a string of questions with the phrase "No comment".

Not the result I was hoping for but was a rather enjoyable encounter. Once I got home I dug around through my childhood figures finding the remaining 10 or so unpainted NSL troopers for my non armoured portion of my platoon and quick search of the web to find Ground Zero Games still kicking although the main website is apparently currently down the store link suits my purposes for the moment.