Friday, 11 January 2019

1914 German Brigade Completed

Ended up finishing them off this morning. I think they look rather nice now they're all finished off. Arwen did end up falling a little behind, but it's too be forgiven as she's doing a final push on the study for her learners permit. She is at the point where everything but her guns are primed and ready to hit the bases so the current plan is for a game on Sunday.

1. Completed cavalry
2. Completed dismounted cavalry

3. German Command
4. Field gun sections

5. Finished German WW1 Brigade

6. Infantry Battalions 
7. Infantry Battalions

I've read the rulebook a couple of times and it seems to be a fairly simple set of rules, just have to wait and see how it plays once it's on the table now.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

More 1914 German Progress

I've managed to keep up at least a few hours of work each day for the last few days and things are progressing nicely. I've finished off the infantry except for a coat of varnish (the weather hasn't really been cooperating for a rattle can), the artillery just needs a wash and a touch up (and to be glued down) and I've made a fair start on the cavalry stands. Not sure if I'll get too much more done today but I'm hoping to be able to have them done and on the table by Sunday.

1. Wash down on infantry
2. Alternate view

3. Machine gun section

4. WIP on the artillery
5. WIP on mounted cavalry

6. WIP on unmounted cavalry

7. Finished infantry and machine gun section

8. Alternate view infantry and machine gun sections
I toyed with straight static grass at first, but after the first I ended up mixing up a couple of fine flocks (dark and burnt green) as well a little static grass for a bit of depth. They may not be the most finished of projects I've done but from a table top view I quite happy with result.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Progress on 1914 Germans

Not a hugely exciting update today. Spent a fair amount of the day painting. I haven't started the cavalry yet but I've made a decent dent in the infantry, finishing off all the main uniforms, flesh and made a fair start on the webbing.

1. Bases and uniforms

2. Flesh blocked in

3. Started on webbing

Arwen didn't get much done as she was rather engrossed in her new book, though she has finished off her bases and seeing as she approached things a different way has begun to glue down her Belgians.

Hobby "Challenge" for Great Escape Games 1914

My youngest and I purchased some 12mm World War One armies for Great Escapes Games 1914 towards the first half of last year. We decided that while I was on holidays we'd set aside a few days and get it out of the box and on the table. Yesterday saw the beginning of that "challenge".

1. Everything checked off ready to go
2. Putting down some texture

3. Ready for priming

4. Arwen falling behind.
(She did catch up most of the way)
5. Primed 

6. Base colour down

7. Base Highlight

I haven't undercoated with either white or a rattle can for a while now, but for sake of ease I went with it for this project. The bases are done with a Reaper Volcanic Brown base and a Reaper Harvest Brown as the highlight. 1914 is designed to represent the more flowing parts of the early and late war rather than the more commonly known trench based aspects of the war, so I'll be finishing the bases off with some static grass and tufts. I've got a few more stands to highlight starting today, then I'll be making a start on the infantry.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Warhammer 40k & Age of Sigmar vs The Brother

Headed north for a couple of games against my brother today. Started off with a game of 40k bringing the newly painted Trygon onto the table and then managed to squeeze in an introduction to Age of Sigmar.

The 40k game saw my Tyranids come up against his Necrons. While the final score saw me without a point to my name the game itself was much tighter than that would have you believe. I've come away with a few tweaks to try with my force and a larger disliking of reanimation protocols and quantum shielding :).

The forces square off

Trygon tunnels behind enemy lines bringing a unit of Warriors

My first attempt at a Genestealer charge
A whole mess of 6s on the overwatch shots

Trygon gets stuck in

2nd attempt a a Genestealer charge
A much better result for me

Trygon still sits at the back tying up half the Necron force, this is the moment when I discover the more damage I do the easier it is for the Quantum Shielding to save the Necron warlord.

Broodlord holding his own despite constantly re-animating necrons

A rather depopulated table leaving the Necrons holding all four objectives.

After packing up the SciFi we quickly set up for Age of Sigmar with my brother lending my his Khorne force while he took his.... I can't remember the new name for them but basically Ogres on woolly rhinos. I did manage to sneak a 6 to 2 win on this one, but we both found a few things we'd played incorrectly in this one which may have narrowed the margin.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday really. Hoping to get another game in before I have to go back to work depending on how things flow over the next week.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2nd January 2019 - Finished Trygon

Haven't put up a post for a long while, but decided I'd try to kick things off again this year. Pushed myself a bit and finished off this Trygon for 40k over the course of a few days and I'm happy with how it turned out. I've been playing around with a few new (for me) techniques with my Tyranids and I think I'm starting to get to grips with them now. I've already got a Broodlord and a nice swarm of Genestealers finished over the last couple of months. I've still got a few more to go a few Tyranid Warriors, a Tyranid Prime and a Hive Tyrant, but once they're done I may look at sorting out my next thousand points.

I've still got a couple of weeks left on my holiday so I'm hoping to get started on a few other projects as well. I'm planning mostly on getting some more tables sorted out for the start of the year, though there are a couple of other miniature projects I'm looking at such as some 12mm WW1 models and I've just grabbed a quite a few Zulus and some British Line Infantry for a Rourke's Drift game; plus I grabbed a few different 15mm fantasy armies as presents this year for family and friends to play around with as well.

Monday, 10 April 2017

10th April - General Update

While I haven't been overly active on the blog I have been rather busy with the hobby in general. I've got a couple of games in here and there and have been getting quite a lot of painting knocked over.

Arwen and I have been sitting down watching Critical Role together and painting away since she started the holidays. Now I've knocked over a few of my own projects Jen (the wife) has decided that her Bolt Action Japanese are the next on my list so I've just started touching up what she'd started and am going on from there. Arwen has started on her Circle of Orboros Hordes starter box and using the technique guide in the back of one of the mini books she's starting to play with some layering and shading and I think it's coming along really well. I'll put a few photos up in the next update.

Due to a bit of a lack of motivation and decent weather the photos aren't the best but I'll put up what I've taken anyway.

Germans for Bolt Action




I also pulled out the Lords of Dust for the Home Raiders game as I had promised my youngest niece that I would have a game with her when she came over to stay next. They'll be over later this week so I knocked them over in a few days so I'm ready to go for her. I've still got a Scarab Rider to go but the penguin himself is done so it shouldn't take me too long to finish off.

I should get a few games in this week so I'll try to get some battle reports done up sometime soon.