Thursday, 25 August 2016

25th August - Finished Frostgrave Cultists

Finished off my latest project this afternoon, so that's my Frostgrave Cultists done. They should make a nice addition to The Eldest's Necromancer for Frostgrave or some nice NPC opponents for some sort of suitable scenario. I haven't gone into too much shading or highlighting apart from a nice dark undercoat and some thinner coats as I worked it up.

I figured while I had the flock box out I'd do a little work on my Razorworms for Dropzone Commander, but I've still got to put a few finishing touches on the bases here and there.

I'm thinking I may do the Guildball Morticians I have here next and then onto finishing off my Abyssal Dwarves for Kings of War.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

23rd August - Finished Pagan Priest for Saga and WIP Frostgrave Cultists

I actually finished this guy off last week, but it's taken a while to get decent photos and to organise myself to get them uploaded. I picked him up from War and Peace a few months back when The Youngest grabbed herself some Irish Levies and a Christian Priest for herself. It was a nice little mini to paint and I'm happy with the way he's turned out. On a side note finding a nice spot for the photos has resulted in about half a days labor in weeding the garden but I guess there's a price to pay for everything :).

 I've made a start on my Frostgrave Cultist plastic box set I picked up back when the expansion was "Nickstarted". I've had them and the original soldiers box glued for a while now, I just felt like it was time to get some out of the way and I've been feeling like trying to get in a game of Frostgrave again. I've had two brief sessions on them so far, but I'm thinking I'll do a bit of a push on them tomorrow.

I'm sticking with a darker colour scheme with these guys, though I'm thinking a few splashes of orange on the tunics just to contrast against the rest of the uniforms. I've also been slowly assembling my Military Order force for Saga Crescent and Cross, though that was stalled when I ran out of glue the other day. I've since fixed that issue and grabbed a banner man for the force as well so I'll be back to drilling out hands for spears any day now :).

Friday, 12 August 2016

12th August - Finished Legion of Everblight Starter Box

Finished off the Legion of Everblight stater box for Hordes this morning. Couldn't quite get the lighting right for the pictures but I'll post them up anyway.

Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight (Warlock)
Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight (Warlock)

Nephilim Bolt Thrower

Nephilim Bolt Thrower 

Starter Force
I picked up the old starter box cheap a few weeks back so I'll get that on the table soon, but I'm thinking about knocking over a couple of random single miniatures I've got kicking around downstairs. My pagan priest for Saga comes to mind after my game against The Youngest earlier this week.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

11th August - 9th August Saga vs The Youngest

I got a game of Saga in with The Youngest on Tuesday night. We'd been trying to get it in for a while now but with my work and her assignments we had to reschedule a few times. She wanted to play a six point game after buying herself some levies (not that they've made it out of the blister yet but who hasn't got a painting pile at home :) ), so we pulled The Wife's warriors out for levies and I handed over a warrior group to make up her last point.

The forces were as follows:

2 units of 4 Hirdmen (Hearthguard)
1 unit of 4 Beserkers (Hearthguard)
2 units of 8 Bondi (Warriors)
1 unit of 12 Viking Archers (Levies)

2 Curaidh (Champions)
1 unit of 6 Fianna (Hearthguard)
2 units of 8 Bonnachts (Warriors)
1 unit of 8 Dogs and Handler
1 unit of 12 Kerns (Levies)

We rolled up and got the Sacred Ground scenario. You have three terrain elements spread across the table and earn VP at the end of your opponents turn based on how many and which type of troop you have within the areas.

The Youngest won initiative and began deployment, so thanks to her larger spread of units I managed to win the first turn.

The Viking line steadily advanced toward the Irish sacred ground with a unit of Hearthguard rushing the main stone circle atop the nearby hill and a Warrior unit rushing into the forest. The Irish centre advanced led by their Warchief and his Curaidh. While none of the warband themselves made it to their hallowed places, some of the hidden 'Sons of Dana' managed to take out two of the Viking invaders in the forest.

Emboldened by the lack of Irish resistance the Vikings continue to advance in a steady line with more of the force reaching the objectives. This finally prompted a response from the Irish with their wolfhounds tearing into a unit of Viking warriors pushing the Norsemen back. Another volley from more hidden 'Sons of Dana' fell among the Viking Hearthguard but they were unable to drop a single armoured man. Finally the Kern's took up a holding position on the far hill.

The regrouped Bondi charged back into Irish dogs and their handler with calls to 'Frigg', taking their revenge and leaving the handler to calm his two remaining animals. The Viking Archers meanwhile open fire on the distant Kern killing three of the men. On the forest flank a group of Hirdmen slammed into the flank of unit of Bonnachts but the luck of the Irish came through on the day (five rolls of six on her rolls preventing all the wounds) and the veteran Viking unit was pushed back lacking one of their number. The 'Sons of Dana' open fire again from amongst the standing stones but this time they manage to fell one of the mailed warriors. The Bonnachts fired up after their victory over the Hirdmen crash into the Bondi trying to drive them from the sacred woods but the dug in Norse drive them back.

The Archers take their toll on the Kerns leaving another two men dying on the hilltop. The Bondi slam into the Bonnachts seeking 'Valhalla' with cries to 'Frigg' for the strength to swing their weapons..... but again the luck of the Irish shines through with none of the Irish men falling despite an abundance of heavy blows and the Vikings are driven back into the forest. With a bellowed warcry and a call to arms the Viking Warchief smashed into the Fianna with a unit of Hirdmen at his side. Killing two of the Irishmen and driving them out of the stone circle and off the hill. Again the 'Sons of Dana' take their toll on the Viking invaders dropping yet another Hirdman. The Fianna valiantly try to retake their sacred site but the ferocity of the Viking Warchief throws them back one more time although one of the brave Hirdman fell to their swords protecting his chief.

 The Viking Archers take a heavy toll on the Kerns with this volley killing five more Irishmen.The lone Hirdman attempts to take out the nearby Curaidh but despite his best efforts the Irishman's resilience keeps him not only on his feet but managing to drive the veteran back. Down at the forest the Hirdmen attack the Bonnacht again killing four Irish warriors at the cost of one of their own pushing the natives back out of the contested objective. A second group of Bonnachts move forward to strengthen the assault on the forest. While the Fianna pull their javelins out and leave the final Hirdman dead on the top of the hill.

Seeing the Warchief alone on the hill the Berserker's move up to support the lone Viking chief. With few targets left the remaining Kerns manage to avoid the Viking arrows. The remaining Hirdmen burst from the forest and smash into the Bonnachts' flank driving the startled Irish warriors back. The 'Sons of Dana' reappear in the forest killing one more Viking warrior. The smaller unit of Bonnacht make an attempt to push the Hirdmen out but despite a brave attempt a single man is left to pull back and mourn the rest of his squad. Seeing an opening the Curaidh attacks the Viking Warchief a series of ferocious attacks proves that the man truly sprang from the 'Seed of Ireland' but again the Warchief is saved by a loyal retainer this time a Berserker.

Finally getting the order they had been waiting for the Bondi once again charge in to the warhounds finishing them off, while at the same time the Kerns are finally cleared from the hill by the Viking Archers. Sensing the day slipping from them the Irishmen begin a last ditch attempt to re-secure their sacred ground pushing everything they have left forward to challenge the Viking invaders.

The Viking's hastily spread across the field pushing to get a presence in all the Irish sites, forming shield walls ready to throw back the Irishmen's last ditch effort. Yet another Viking warrior falls to the hidden 'Sons of Dana'. The Bonnacht giving up on melee pull their javelins and hurl them toward the Hirdmen, but they manage to avoid any casualties. Fired up by their lack of ranged success the enraged Irish soldiers charge the Viking veterans but this proves to be a mistake with half of them falling to the Norse weaponry and the rest being pushed back to the very edge of the forest. Finally one of the brave Curaidh charges the Berserkers killing them all but finally succumbing to his many wounds.

The game ended with a Viking victory but it was close all the way to the end of turn eight. I have to say The Youngest is definitely becoming quite the tactician.

On the painting front I've just got the basing left to go on the Legion of Everblight box, so with any luck I'll have them finished off tomorrow before I work.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

10th August - Hordes Progression Update

Just a quick update to begin with, I'm still around it's just been a crazy few weeks with work though that will now be the end of that. I've managed to get a couple of small games in and there'll even be a battle report coming later today/tomorrow.

In the meantime I've got a few WIP pics from my Hordes Legion of Everblight starter box. I've been following along the painting guide provided in the box although I've made a few slight changes to a few of the tones and shading/highlighting steps.

I think they're coming along nicely, the Shredders and Neraph are pretty much up to basing (The Seraph's wings still need shading/highlighting) and the Nephilim isn't too far off. The Warlock still needs a lot of work although the armour and cloth are the only bits left really and that will finish her off.

Also a quick shout out to The Brother and The Eldest Nephew who headed off to the local Saga tournament last weekend (I had to work so missed out this time) and managed to take out first and third place respectively. I'll put up a quick link to his blog post here if you wanna check out a few pics from the day and a quick description of the three battles.