Tuesday, 17 February 2015

17th February - Finished Infinity Combined Army

Finally got them finished, although I still have the Med-Tech to put together and at the moment I'm using a couple of old Genestealers from my teenage 40k days as Gakis at the moment. As this is my first foray into the Combined Army (and Infinity apart from the Icestorm box) I 'm sure that there will be more models on their way as I have a few games and begin to feel the need to adapt the force.

The lighting is a little off on these pics but as The Wife is currently sick and passed out on the couch I didn't want to mess around too much and disturb her, so it was a quiet cobble together for today. Once I get the missing couple of minis and paint them up I'll try to put up a few more, or at least another group shot.

Malignos, Sniper

Raicho Armoured Brigade

Fraacta, Trihedron Drop Unit

Maarkrep Trackers Unit (with HMG)

Unidron Batroids

Umbra Legates

Now onto the Trader's Caravan for Anyaral and to get a couple more games in before the end of the month.

Friday, 13 February 2015

13th February - 9th Feb Across the Dead Earth Game vs Toby

Having decided to really work towards getting a campaign off the ground, myself and Toby are playing a small loosely link series of games to get a feel for gang progression. We decided on a low points cost off two hundred to start off and even with such a small amount of wiggle room we ended up with wildly differing gangs, although we both ended up settling on four members. Both of us managed to spend exactly the two hundred points we had to play with.

I opt'd for a Leader (Cliff Westhill), a Medic (Villa GP), an Assault member (Angry Aaron), and an unskilled grunt (Cara Loft). Outfitting them I ended up settling of a couple of shotguns for Cliff and Villa, a pistol for Cara and Cliff as a befits a great leader and finally a SMG and short sword for Aaron.

Toby's thus far unnamed gang members consisted of a Leader with SMG, a Sharpshooter with a scout sniper rifle, a grunt with the melee expert skill armed with a rapier and small shield, and finally a Dog.

We played a suitable small reward loot run game with three central loot tokens. Two placed with cover in favor of each of us and one more central more open token.

As you would expect in a game this size the first few turns were low on action with both of us maneuvering for a run at the centre token while sending some one in for the easy token retrieval. 

Toby got his sniper up on the hill overlooking the loot area and with his trusty dog guarding him it proved rather more trouble than it was worth to try to remove him particularly with the rather large disparity in our firing ranges. Although I managed to stay out of range or out of LOS for pretty much the entire game it did make it trickier to respond to his movements so I'd say points well spent.

The action packed part of the game arrived when after managing to stall the melee experts advance on my medic, he ended up engaging with Angry Aaron as he readied himself for a rush to the loot (We house rule that it takes an action to collect the loot up/search cupboards/open vans in order to move off with it){The dog model and the melee expert are borrowed from The Youngest's Saga Irish which she finished off painting the other day}[She's onto her Bolt Action Italians now].

Thankfully for me he ran out of actions and at that point so I took an aimed shot with Cara which of course went majorly wide. Not to worry though I won initiative and Cliff moved around and took a shot, again massively wild. Good thing those old leaders get three actions hey........ Jammed! Not the best result I could have wanted so poor old Aaron ended up on the floor in quite a mess, though Toby decided it was the loot he wanted and went to pick it up relying on his trusty shield to protect him from my incredible aim.

The following turn saw me manage to hit him twice, but Toby easily made the saving throws and started to pull out content with his majority of loot. This was were Villa show'd his worth in points and got Aaron back on his feet eliminating the need for a recovery roll after the game.

Final loot values where forty-five points for Toby and thirty for me. At the moment neither of us has spent them. I know where I'm heading to with mine but it'll have to be a surprise as I know the dodgy fellow will be reading trying to get intel on the inner workings of my gang :).

We got together the next day and did some work on some ruined concrete buildings and I may get a bit more done on them today, although my Combined Army is almost done (although the Doc has yet to be put together) so I might do the finishing touches on them first and then the buildings. I'll have to get my Trader's Caravan painted for the February edition of the Anaryal painting competition too, but this month is proving a bitch for time with covering holidays and such at work at the moment

Thursday, 5 February 2015

5th February - Couple of games, some painting progress

Not a bad week (ten days....) when I stop and think about it. Got a couple of games in with my mate Toby and managed to pretty much knock over my Combined Army starter box for Infinity and partially complete the Raicho TAG. Just the Med-Tech and a couple of re purposed Hormagaunts as Gakis to go for my initial foray into the faction.

I've got a few shots from the games, but didn't take notes or write up a proper AAR as they were mostly to give Toby a look at the rules for both.

Our first game was a go at Twilight:World of Anyaral. I didn't bother with a real scenario for this it was just a hit them till they all fall down style thing, but with my extra lot of Delgon I finished off last month it was a nicer sized game. Toby took the Delgon and I was the Devanu. We both made some shitty decisions deploying but at the end some careful tactical use (read shit shit shit shit shit blow three stamina in a single combat) I managed to pull off a win.
Team Tea lines up
Team Powerade deploys

Lot's of spear throwing

The forces about to clash

The second game we got in was Across the Dead Earth. I just played the Red Claw gang again, but Toby knocked together a group of survivors using some of this GZG Oceanic Union troopers. I thought I'd lost after the first couple of turns, but Shay-men managed to get Fat-boy and Pyro back on their feet which turned the game around. By the end Toby had managed to snag one loot counter but I had control of the table and grabbed four. Still it was only a narrow win for me with Toby's counter being worth fifty points and my collected just making sixty. 

Being too lazy to go downstairs and get more tiles (downstairs gaming room coming soon!!!) I had a play and got Toby to bring a few of his ruined buildings we knocked together a table possibly a small farm or something of that like (I really have to get myself into gear and start converting the empty Styrofoam boxes and such liberated from work into working terrain). We deployed in opposite corners and went from there.

Fatboy and Topper lead the way

Topper gets flamed, but Fatboy replies with the RPG eventually
taking out both the Flamer and the Medic tucked in behind him

Best moment of the game, Shrimp wallops the enemy sharpshooter. Toby's gang leader responds by rushing into short range with his SMG, taking aim and..... Jamming!! Admittedly he then stole the next turns initiative and knocked her down, but that gave Reggie enough time to come across and knock down him and the LMG wielding guy and then take out all three.
I've got another convert for both games and I'm currently organizing a few players to set up a one or two turn per month campaign for AtDE. I'm going to cobble together some rules for off board income generation in territories and such and see how we go. Depending on players I'm aiming for between twelve to twenty territories.

If I don't get the basing done this week I'll put up a WIP or two of the CA at some stage as well.