Sunday, 25 August 2013

Update 25/08/13

It's been a busy couple of weeks without much chance for gaming unfortunately. I did manage to catch up for my 1st game of Bolt Action with my brother, but it was a fairly sparsely populated table terrain wise and considering he has only played a couple of games himself there was a slightly too much page turning for me to focus on setting up an appropriate A.A.R.. On that front though I have now convinced all my board gaming mates, now fully equipped with Dreadball teams that it was time to try something larger. We now have 1000 points of Germans, Americans, Russians and Japanese on the way over from Warlord Games, with two more still deciding on which country they want to go for.

Here's a few shots of our game
German Infantry Squad

My Marder III comes to the end of it's life
Panzerschreck team takes advantage of the new cover
On the Dreadball front I've finished painting my Veer-myn team "The Lab Rats" and in the few scratch matches we've had they are so far undefeated. We should  be starting the first league games in the next month.

I've started working on some buildings to help fill a table and begun painting a Marauder team for Dreadball.

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