Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Finally Dreadball Ultimate :)

My mates and I have been playing a fair bit of Dreadball since I bought it last year, so it seemed to make sense to make my wife and kids buy me a copy of Dreadball Ultimate and a few other bits and pieces from Mantic for my birthday. After sitting on the shelf for the last month thanks to a variety of work-related reasons we finally too it down and played it's inaugural match.

Six teams and two balls on a pitch with 3 halves.... what more could you want.

We made it through 3 rounds before Trent managed to pull off a landslide victory with his Corp team. Possibly heavily assisted by my Veer-Myns inability to connect that final vital pass to the striker in the zone each turn and Toby's fixation in beating.... "attempting" to beat my strikers to the ground with his Orx I should say. Grant's Robot team managed 2 points with his 1st ever use of striker form and my daughter Arwen's Female Corp team managed to pick up a 2 pointer tho they later lost a point from Trent's use of her goal for his 3 point victory shot. My wife's Forge Fathers unfortunately didn't quite make it out of there zone having possibly started a little too far back in the zone for they're stumpy little legs.

It makes for a interesting match though, trying to keep track of 2 balls and 5 opponents, but I feel it'll become a semi regular on games night from here on out.

Here's a couple of shots from the night

Also if anyone's looking for a couple of different tabletop options this kickstarter might be worth a look in.
5 different design options with 6 different 2'x2' tiles in each (although some are still locked), comes pre-painted and with a variety of add-on options. Free postage to a decent amount of countries as well.

Unfortunately the Flodden game as been postponed but still hopeful I'll get atleast one more larger miniatures game in before Christmas

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