Friday, 21 February 2014

Current WIP - Bolt Action Germans

Still waiting for my full time hours to wind up at work, but I've been making a real push to get at least an hour or so of painting in each day in an attempt to clear my backlog before my next batch of kickstarters and miscellaneous purchases start rolling in.

Currently on the table is my Bolt Action German platoon. Got the base coat spray done a few weeks ago when I did the NSL base coats. So this week I've been batch painting the flesh and boots thus far.

Once I finish up with these guys I'll be looking at my Deadzone and Dreadball backlog.

On the Dreadball front looks like I'll finally get my league up of the ground in a month or so. Got a night of games on this Monday for a few new people in the group to get a handle on the rules and see if they like it/want to give it a go, then it's just a matter of painting up a few extra models of various teams and MVP for the underdog bonus once were underway and off we go.

Also if your of that inclination check out the Guild Ball kickstarter just started up less than 24hrs ago and is well on it's way to funding and of course the Dreadball Extreme kickstarter starts in a little over 9 hours as I type this.

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