Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bolt Action German Platoon Infantry Finished

Well, after playing another game of Deadzone against the wife (A.A.R. coming up in the next couple of days) I looked around and realized that I've been letting the painting slip a little even though I've finally got that casual roster I've been chasing (although there's another 2 week holiday block next week I'm covering {no rest for the wicked :) }). The hundreds of minis on there way from the various kickstarters that are looking at being shipped in the next couple of months may possible be a factor as well. I'm determined not to let the unpainted pile continue to grow larger than the painted without at least putting up a fight.

So I thought "Right let's clear what's on the table". Unfortunately I'm unable to completely finish my platoon off (Need to buy a couple of colours for the tanks), the infantry were well within my reach. I'm becoming more comfortable with basing now and decided to play with a few different materials this time. My Foldio photo studio (yet another kickstarter) arrived in the post as well so I took the opportunity to pull it out and have a play with it also. Really make a difference to the shots, although I'll still need to play with it a bit. I manage to completely cancel the L.E.D.s with the flash once or twice.

MG42 HMG Team
81mm Mortar Team

Heer Infantry Squad

Squad NCO
Infantry Platoon
Infantry Platoon

I've got the Hetzer still to finished from the box set along with the PaK 40 75mm anti-tank gun still to assemble and paint, as well as the Tiger II kit I bought which while it's possible a little large to be supporting a single platoon.... come on it's a freakin Tiger II.

All and all I'm happy with the way my painting is improving. Gotta work a little more on the eye's though.

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