Monday, 16 November 2015

16th November - General Update

Just realised it's been a couple of weeks since my last post. I've managed to get two more games in with The Brother at my place the first of which featured The Uncle as well.

We decided to introduce The Uncle to Saga and while I've lost the notes I took on the day the game went the same way with victory going to The Brother with his Pagan Rus. We're aiming to get a one on one game in sometime soon as the multi player games tend to play to the more passive side of his board and he wants to try out some of the other abilities rather than just the Alone in the Dark and Endless Waste :). Still it was a fun game and The Uncle while preferring a more in depth rule set liked the rules for what they are.

Table Set Up

The Viking Hearthguard break the Welsh Warriors
The Viking Warriors push into the Pagan Rus
Levies but get pushed back

The Lone Viking Hearthguard charges the Welsh
and manages to pull one man down and drive them back

The final turn saw the Vikings push back the tattered
Pagan Rus line, but alas too late for a victory
Just today The Brother was down with my two youngest Nephews and his Wife to raid the garden so we figured what the hell and I put on a demo game of Dropzone Commander. I've really enjoyed the games I've played so was hoping he'd enjoy it as well, especially with my all in mentality for the Dropfleet Commander kickstarter currently running. He enjoyed it as is thinking of grabbing a faction next year so I'm already picturing initial orbital engagements leading into actual ground encounters modified by who gets what dirt side.

My Hunters take a shot at The Brother's
Bear (out of shot) leaving it limping and Rapiers
(but fail to hit the anti-air tanks)

The Brother's Sabres round the corner
and take out my Invader and a Hunter
The UCM troopers open fire on my
Marauder carrying my objective but it
survives with a single hull point left

That's about the lot for me at the moment, still working away at my Abyssal Dwarf Immortals which I hope to get finished in the next couple of weeks and I've assembled a Pan-O Jotums and a Nomad Iguana for Infinity as a break from unit painting before I get stuck into the Halfbreeds and Gargoyles. There's also a post up for today's Dropzone game up on The Brother's blog