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Fistful of Lead Game 10th July 2013

A small town out in the west "Cliffton Valley", myself a noble sheriff, my brother a renowned outlaw and my uncle the leader of local band of Mexicans having his birthday bash. All the required elements for a game of Fistful of Lead. I found it to be a nice simple set of rules with made for a perfect time frame. Our game went for 9 rounds and took around 2 hours. I have become a fan of random activation in games these days rather than my turn your turn and this game makes use of a simple 52 deck of playing cards with a few "power" cards that offer additional benefits on top of your turn to activate.

The protagonists:  The outlaw; Nate West and his gang.
                            The sheriff; Sheriff Jim Wilder and his deputies
                            The Mexicans; El Fwaupo and his closest flunkies

The game begins with Nate West in the bank along with his 2IC Twitchy (his drawback is that he must spend his 1st action shooting the nearest person neutral or enemy in short range if possible per activation) and Dirty Stan. The ex-army Stumpy (one move action per activation) has been approached by Nate and is waiting with the horses at the stable and the newest member of the gang "The Pheonix Kid" (d6 to hit) is loitering at the train station as an alternate escape route.

Meanwhile in the cantina the infamous El Fwaupo is starting his birthday in style with his lieutenant Manuel the Six Fingered (drawback only 1 shoot action per activation) three flunkies including Pepe, El Fwaupo's young nephew (d6 to hit), some tequila, birthday burittos and a plethora of piƱatas. As a surprise gift one of his fellow Mexicans living in town has informed El Fwaupo of Nate's plan to rob the bank and he has decided to "help" Nate carry the load once it's out the bank....

Sheriff Jim Wilder and two of his deputies are in the Sheriff's office, the deputies busy and Jim "just shutting his eyes for a second". Meanwhile his trusted senior deputy Rick Mucks (just one day from retirement Rick is limited to a range/sight of 8" due to his short sightedness) is out patrolling along with Justin the newly appointed green deputy (d6 to hit). Two quick rolls and we find Rick out at the far end of town near the cantina and Justin just passing the general store and heading for the bank......

The game begins with Senior Deputy Rick moseying along up to the entrance of the church and El Fwaupo sending Pepe out to check on the intel. Some how the young man manages to insult the informants and they assure him that Nate West is still in the saloon, so he goes back to let his Uncle know. Next up Justin continues his patrol and makes it to the bank window. Peering inside he sees Nate West and his two senior gang members inside. His young blood pumping and sensing a chance to make a name for himself he draws his six shooter and fires a round into the bank sending "Dirty Stan" diving for cover.  As the shot rings out Jim Wilder leaps out of bed in his long johns and heads for the street strapping on his piece accompanied by his two remaining deputies. Across town the fiesta draws to a sudden close as El Fwaupo and his friends rush out to see what has caused the shot to be fired. At the same time Nate and Twitchy rush out of the bank and quickly drive the young deputy around the corner with a flurry of shots.

Pepe lagging a bit behind the rest of the group come rushing out of the cantina slightly disorientated and spying Deputy Rick opens fire, sending him to the ground in front of the church with a wound. Nate West gives chase around the corner of the bank hoping to kill the young deputy but in his haste misses the lad who with his return fire sends the outlaw to the ground clutching his side. Twitchy noticing the homesteader and his wife looking at him fires a round off at the poor woman and she flees behind their horse "Buttercup" in terror, satisfied he goes to follow Nate. The two deputies seeing this occur from across the street send a hail of lead his way and send the dog to the ground dead. A drifter; Flint Eaststick appears from the door of the hotel and after quickly accessing the situation throws his lot in with Sheriff Jim and his boys.

Pepe again begins the next round and fires on the one day from retirement Rick Mucks as he regains his feet and sends him to the ground again, this time stone cold dead. Sanchez after working his way around the homesteaders wagon fires a round toward one of the deputies missing completely. But the poor homesteader has had enough drawing his knife and charging toward the Mexican. El Fwaupo heads to the street firing rounds at the enraged man with no effect. The sheriff sensing the danger heads to the street trying to draw the bandito's ire.

After several turns Manuel flanks the hotel entrance but misses Flint and was in turn is pinned by The Pheonix Kid who has snuck up behind him from the train station drawn by the commotion. After carefully accessing the situation Six Fingers decides to flee..... I mean remembers he left El Fwaupo's cake in the oven and runs to save it before it burns. The angry husband charges Sanchez and drives his knife deep into his arm wounding him, but as he lifts his bloody knife to drive it back into the now snivelling Mexican El Fwaupo draws a bead on him and kills him with a single shot. The Pheonix Kid rather rattled by the sudden changes in front of him loses his head, panics and grabs Susette the Camel-faced hostage as she loiters at the front of the saloon. Flint lines up the Mexican gang leader with his shotgun and sends him to the ground dead. The remaining Mexicans waver but decide they should relieve Nate West of his loot, it's what El Fwaupo would have wanted after all.

With casualties mounting the turns begin to progress much faster. Flint looking up from the now motionless body of El Fwaupo, spots another Mexican bandit across the street and lets him have a couple of rounds from his pistol sending yet another one to meet his maker. This proves to be too much for the Mexican with the knife wound and he also goes to "check on El Fwaupo's cake". The junior deputy Justin after working up some courage rounds the corner of the general store in chase of Nate but finds the outlaw waiting and fires a wild shot over his shoulder from shock. Nate however remains calm and expertly places his bullet through the youth's throat and he lies gasping and clutching his throat as it all goes dark. Pepe and the remaining Mexican (one of the neutral townsfolk who decided to help chase all the money) open fire on Nate and send him scuttling for cover. The other deputies had been exchanging rounds with "Stumpy" his cover now blown decide enough is enough and one of them charges the rock the veteran has been hiding behind and puts the two-faced ex military man down for good.

It turns out the owner of the general store has some anti-authoritarian sentiments and draws his shotgun on the deputy taking cover behind his wagon. The shot goes wild and over come now by his now released rage charges the deputy.... who kills the poor anarchist shopkeeper with several well placed blows. Sheriff Jim advances toward The Pheonix Kid and his hostage and manages to wing him despite the innocent living shield. Nate fires at Stumpy's killer and pins him behind a carriage at the stable. Pheonix returns fire at Jim and halts his advance with some well placed (read lucky) shooting.

Flint seeing The Pheonix Kid distracted by sheriff Jim charges in and quickly dispatches the young outlaw seemingly ending his career before it has had a chance to begin. Pepe and friend again fire at Nate West wounding him twice. Nate bravely drags himself to his feet and across the way to the stable owners house bravely??? taking his wife and baby hostage. Sheriff Jim rushes behind the general store in response to the shouts of his deputies. The Mexicans seeing that the money is but a few minutes from being unjustly returned to the bank disappear off into the sunset. Seeing his hopes of even a dirty getaway die, Nate West releases the hostages and crawls out of the house and to the jail house to await his day at the gallows.....

In the aftermath all bodies have been accounted for except for Nate Wests greenest gang member The Pheonix Kid. All up a successful encounter for Sheriff Jim despite being one junior deputy down and let's be honest Rick was due to retire at the end of the day anyway; perhaps Flint is looking to be deputised......

......The train from Cliffton Valley came to a stop. Hours later as darkness fall a freight carriage door opens and a youthful blood coated hand appears......

If anyone is interested in more shots from the game check them out at Stand and Deliver

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