Friday, 26 July 2013

Update 26/07/13

Due to some hiccups in organising and limited time, I've been unable to get together with my brother and uncle for a game the past couple of weeks. It's looking like hopefully we'll have things squared away this week and be able to get in a game or two before my uncle heads off to the UK for a holiday.

However I've managed to fit quite a few things into the past weeks including:

1. Introducing my board-gaming group into miniatures (Dreadball) as well as talking up the various skirmish rule sets I've been playing around with over the last few weeks (and in the past years). It may not look like it in the picture but I swear they were all smiling seconds to me taking the shot. They all agree that we need to run a league system once we've mastered the rules.

We've also kept up on our usual mix of what ever game caught my eye last week/month and has turned up in the mail this week along side some of my old classics including......

2. Dino Hunt!

In my opinion this game definitely needs a re-release and I've got several players now who'd agree with that opinion. I even had one of my chefs pop down to work on Sunday to have a game with my kids while they waited for me to finish off service and the ordering. That's right came into work on his day off to play it. I don't think we've ever seen that much excitement in the venue before on catching a Tyrannosaurus Rex, although to be honest I believe that was the first time anyone had managed to do it on the premise.

3. Magic Sealed Tournament (3 M14, 2 Dragonsmaze)

Picked up a booster box of both and played a 6 man tournament. Not much to report there, was one of the players 1st time, he seemed to pick it up pretty quickly and ended with a victory to myself. Managed to build myself a W/G/B fairly aggressive life gain deck, my best result being 72 life at the end of match

4. Painting my Veer-myn team for the aforementioned Dreadball. Keep in mind these are the first models I've painted in over 10 years so (apart from a practice run on a few of old genestealers) while they're not award winning (tbh I was never even close to that) I'm happy with the way they're going.

 I've also set a few goals for projects for the year mostly consisting on working on getting some terrain and buildings sorted for my own table seeing as of the moment it consists of enough  foot square carpeted tiles for a  table top with a few options for rivers and that's about it, although I do have the option of green or desert colours.

Also in a nod to my newly developed Kickstarter habit I'll put a link up to Privateer looks like it'll be a fun game and I'm already looking into beanies, pirate hats and parrots in view of the "you mush be wearing pirate headgear" house rule I'll be establishing :)

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