Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Update 19/11/13

Long time no post. I've been pounding my head against the wall for 6 solid weeks now thanks to work. It's looking like things might actually be settling down to the usual Christmas time mess so I may actually have a usable amount of spare time again.

But rest assured in the minutes I've had spare I have not been idle, I've still managed 3 out of the proposed 6 weekly board game nights and been back to my weekly gaming days with my brother and my uncle, although they've been board game days as well lately (not that I'm complaining a games a games as far as I'm concerned).

Still I've got a few pics of some stuff I've been working on and the games I got in this week. Hopefully a mini game in the next week or two as well.

 Got all the figures I was missing for my Stargrunt NSL Platoon (based on the Panzergrenadier example in the rule book) I had two squads from when I was around 12 and fleshed it out to the full platoon the other day. It's in a semi painted and assembled state, but it's my current "front burner" project at the moment. The Eureka Miniature bags in the back are the power armoured soldiers waiting their turn to be assembled.

I've also been working slowly on some building to help fill my Bolt Action (or any other appropriate period) games. Pretty happy with the way they're progressing as I've never really had a go a terrain/buildings before.

 Also this week got in a game of "The Call of Cthulhu" LCG with my uncle. I really enjoyed it. Fairly simple to pick up, quick easy game play. Definitely going to be picking myself up a copy at some stage. We've also been playing "Kingsburg" for the last couple of weeks. Another one I'd highly recommend and will be picking up :).

 Games night was "Zombies!!!". Build as you go map, simple mechanics, many, many, many opportunities to make zombie groans both male and female. What more could you want. After a couple of near wins for myself, my eldest (almost 2 weeks a teenager now) managed to snag the "The Keys are still in it" card letting her move 10 spaces instead of rolling the D6, then proceeded to kill the 9 zombies between her and the helicopter to win the game and earn the nickname "Helicopter Torrent" which she doesn't seem to like yet, but I assume it'll grow on her....

Then tonight a family game. "Small World Underground". Think Risk without dice rolls and a limited troop pool. During the game you put your race into decline and get new ones as required gaining victory points depending on areas controlled and the race's innate abilities or matched powers. I thought I'd managed to grab the game with 101 vp only to have my youngest snatch it from me with 116.

I'm hoping to get a minis game or two in next week depending on work and everyone else's availability and with any luck at least get my 4 base squads finished up.

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