Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bolt Action Game 18th September

After getting our Bolt Action armies from Warlord Games and my mate madly gluing together his infantry together in the space two nights the only thing left was to play a game.

Luckily he also did a made modelling session after I started making a few houses for the period which are in a state of...... nearing completion I would say is the diplomatic way of putting it. So we had a few buildings available.

I tried to set up a table with as much breaking up of LOS as possible and after playing I feel it wasn't too bad. (Photos via my phone again for this one so a bit dodgy quality wise)

A quick run through the rules for him, (and a refresher for me after my whooping one previous game) and we were off. We rolled up the "Top Secret" scenario, worked out roughly 550 points worth of army and took to the field. In this scenario every unit starts in reserve and an objective is placed in the centre of the table. To win you must grab the objective (usually plans in a Jeep or destroyed vehicle.... in our game an old termagant) and then take it off the board on your starting edge.

Turn one saw all my Germans entering the field except for my HQ which I choose to hold back. The Americans had similar luck although the Sherman crew refused to move forward failing their test abysmally, the mortar team was held back to see how the board developed.

US infantry firing on Germans
US HQ bites the dust
Turn two saw the beginning of the fire fight. One of the American infantry squads opened up on a German squad killing two men and pinning them down, but a poorly planned move saw the American HQ cut down by my other infantry squad. The US mortar team refused to enter the field and the Sherman having managed to pass the new test rolled onto the board and fired a shot well wide of my Marder. At this stage I had moved my Panzerschreck team up to the edge of the church for a risky dash to the objective.

Turn three and I draw the first die, opening the turn with a shot at the Sherman. And what should happen after my minute or so of mocking after his shot a me in the previous turn, but I manage to roll a one missing the damn thing by a mile. He then returns fire, scoring a massive penetration. The first roll setting it on the fire and the second blowing it up. The mortar team finally makes it onto the board. With the final dice seeing the way clear the Panzerschreck team makes it to the objective, bringing victory within my grasp despite my many casualties.

Turn four sees the chase begin, first die out is...... German and the Intel is a run move closer to my board edge. The Americans give chase, making full use of their no firing penalty while advancing rule. By the end of this turn leaving my poor squad behind the trees pinned and down to 4 men, but the hold there ground bravely distracting the US and managing to kill the US mortar team.

Turn five and again I get the first die, another run move and a hand off to the HQ waiting nearby seals a German victory. The second die a US die. After much checking a umming and ahhing it is finally conceded that my HQ is unassailable so the Americans vindictively open fire on the remain 4 men of the noble infantry squad killing them to the last man. The German HQ then falls back of the board securing the Intel and the game for me.

Ended up being a good game, not too much flicking of pages or any really tough calls on LOS or range. I'm hoping to get another game in before I head back to work.

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