Tuesday, 15 April 2014

15th April Dreadball Orx and Goblins Team

Finished my Orx and Goblin team "Hlrothgar's Hornets" for Dreadball.

Pushed to get it done today as I'm back to work tomorrow and I have a feeling (or an invoice and a box in my bedroom) that leads me to believe the family is getting Saga warbands for Easter (we stopped doing chocolate years ago) and after reading the rules I'm keen to get my Vikings done and have a game or two. (I've had a standing challenge from my brother and his Welsh for a while now).

It's the first time I've ever gone for a bright bold colour scheme and although I was a little uncertain of it while I was painting them up over the last week or so I'm happy with the end result. I don't think I'll be using them as an actual team myself (I'm really enjoying my Veer-myn team "The Labrats") but they'll be there as free agents in the league I'll be running.

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