Sunday, 18 May 2014

18th May - Painting Progression

I've been a little silent on the blog front the last few weeks, but rest assured I've been busy. I've managed to get quite a few games of Dreadball in (in fact our little practice league is only two games from finishing), a quick throw together American-Mexican war game and I've knocked over two painting projects. My Judwan team for Dreadball is now done and I've begun work on a Viking war band for Saga. Myself and my kids had a low tech weekend and I've managed to completely finish a warrior unit start to finish.

Couple of pics here from one of the Dreadball games I played against one of my mates. It was a pretty comical game with neither of us managing to pick the damn ball up until the 9th rush. We finished up killing one of each others models (one of my Veer-myn strikers for one of his Goblin jacks) and i narrowly lost the game 1 - 0, but got the MVP xp point and had a couple of team members get improvement rolls so it ended up ok.

My first painting project was a Judwan team which as of yet I haven't named. I'm mostly painting up the remaining Dreadball teams for free agents and for a couple of mates to use. There's also the appeal of finishing it all off and having it look all shiny on the shelves

And finally on the table now as mention before are my Vikings. I'm really happy with the way these guys have turned out. I attempted the salt method on the shields to simulate a bit of wear and tear. I'm definitely going to have to work on this as the pictures show. Next time I'll be grinding the salt a little finer and trying possibly thinning the paint in the salted areas, but I think I've grasped the basic principle.

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