Tuesday, 21 October 2014

21st October - 19th October PM Saga vs Toby (Anglo-Saxon)

The gaming fiesta wasn't over when I got home after the game against The Brother, I'd organised Toby to come round for a game and he decided that he would risk his rapidly failing car after all and bought round his Anglo-Saxons for another clash of Saga.

After running out to rescue him from his possible now practically written off car and giving him some time to organize a tow for the next day we set up the board and prepared to face off. Thanks to the beauty of the random terrain chart we ended up with a table split by a series of uneven ground limiting our ability to make it into combat with each other (kind of laughable when both our intro four point forces have no missile weapons what so ever). It was a slower game with lots of maneuvering and re-maneuvering but the clashes that occurred were nice bloody and decisive combats.

The battle-weary Vikings take to the field again after crossing the Welsh river

Anglo-Saxons rethink rushing across the field

The Anglo-Saxon warchief heads back for the treeline as the Viking Warriors
advance, ignoring the Anglo warriors cresting the hill

The Beserkers rush the enemy warrior unit, felling ten of the bastards at the cost
of there own lives, but look at all those hits

The remaining two Anglo-Saxon warriors look around bewildered at the destruction
wrought by the four fur-clad men

As you can see from the photos all the action occurred on the left flank. Those two remaining warriors would end up winning Toby the game on victory points 10 to 9 as they would both bravely through themselves in front of blow that would have felled his Warchief and given me the game.

It was good to get a couple of games in after a week or two of not managing to get much done mini-wise apart from painting. And we've all confirmed that another two or three points of figures is definitely in our futures. The Youngest finished off her bases on Saturday just gone as well, so all that remains in her shields and some re-gluing of a couple of spears.