Thursday, 23 October 2014

23rd October - Finished Infinity Operation:Icestorm Pan-Oceania

Finished off the Pan-Oceania from the Infinity Operation:Icestorm starter box today. I got into the game after watching some of the videos on the Beasts of War site. On opening the box I was greatly impressed by the quality and level of detail on the miniatures. I have to say even at my level of painting they were a real pleasure to paint. Now looking at these photos some people may notice certain bits missing from the heads of the helmeted troopers, suffice to say we had a slight "Wife, Youngest and shelf" incident and we managed to lose a couple so I decided it was best to keep a level of consistency and sacrificed the remaining ones to the gods of conformity.

I'm planning on putting the Nomad faction on to the painting table next before moving on to the next project.. maybe some more Saga Vikings, maybe my Counterblast models we'll see. Also I will be taking these guys off their current bases once the Basius2 kickstarter has completed and delivered and dressing them up a little more.

In the long run I think I'm leaning more towards the Combined Army as my faction for Infinity based on the models available, but that may change as I see more of the rules.

 The Svalarheima Nisses I think is my favourite mini for this faction and possibly out of the starter set. Something about the cloak just does it for me. You can see my poor attempt at green stuffing the left arm join, next time I think I'll wait for daylight or get some proper lighting and file it back a little more. But experience teaches so......
Akalis, Sikh Commando


Orc Trooper, another nice scuplt

 The Military Order Father Knight is another figure I think stands out. When I re-base this guy I'm going to have a better go at the interior of the Nomad Mobile Brigada torso he's standing on. At the moment I just gave it a few licks of GW's Blood for the Blood God. I'd like to go back over it and add some more detail such as highlighted bone colouring and maybe some edging of skin tone.

The completed starter force. I will be grabbing the Auxilia Infantry
and Jotum TAG as the book suggest, but that will be further down the line