Tuesday, 23 December 2014

23rd Quick update and Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Unboxing

Been a bit hectic lately with work and getting ready for Christmas, so while I've got a few quick games in here and there I haven't got around to updating much lately.

I'm hoping to get some form of game in on Christmas day depending on what everyone else feels like, otherwise normal gaming and blogging shall resume come the new year.

It doesn't feel right updating the blog without a few photos, so I did an un-boxing of The Wife's birthday present yesterday. Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary edition.

Modelling the box with style

Lovely giant size board to fit the...
...wait for it....

.....much larger sized carriage  pieces.

 Now when we play a game I'm always red so I was lucky and got the circus cars, complete with two giraffes sticking their heads up for a peek.

I've also managed to run my nephews through the first scenario in Operation:Icestorm as well as sit down with the five year old and get some painting done (I'll post a pic of his mini once it's done, I think it's a great effort for some one his age) he was doing one of my deadzone ork flamers though I managed to lose it's hat and forearm and I'm making a push on the Nomads from the Icestorm box.

Toby and myself also had our first game of Dreadball Xtreme, although we used his Orks vs my Veer-myn rather than the new teams. I have to say it's definitely a game where your going to want to mix and match your team (hell if you can why not) but it is playable with a solo faction if you know how to play to your strengths (although you can say that about almost anything really). Final result saw myself claw back from a 0 - 2 score line to win with a 5 - 0. The exploding crates are a great little feature, although they stalled Toby's Orks more than my nimble little rats and it was one amazing set of dice rolls that nailed the game down for me. It's not often a Veer-myn striker  can double up picking up a ball, then nail a 3 point strike with one dice with their skill of 5+, but good old Scamper not only did it he did it with his eyes closed (apparently it's easier to roll 5s on a d6 with your eyes shut, ask Toby I managed it every time I needed a 5 once I realised).

Anyway I'll leave it at that and wish you all a Merry Christmas or a what ever your particular poison is this time of year.