Sunday, 12 July 2015

12th July - Finished Anyaral Empire Trader's Caravan

Well, it's been sitting on the edge of my painting table getting splashes of colour here and there. Finally I've cleared everything else I had on the go at the moment and got them on to the centre stage and focused all my attention on them. I waffled a little on the bases toying with either a desert or stone base, but ended up with a "wasteland" blend of them both. At first I wasn't sure if I was happy with the bases or not, but once I'd done a little wasted plant tufting and scattered rocks I think it's finished up rather nicely.

Traders Caravan

Fubarnii Trader Boss on Enuk

Casanii Scout 
Enuk carrying fresh produce

Young Fubarnii caravan guard

Fully laden Baruk

Fubarnii Trader

Young Fubarnii

"Packhorse" Enuk

Another group shot

I've now got my Mortician team from guild ball on the table undercoated and ready to go, I was leaning toward starting some of my Wrath of Kings gear or perhaps starting on what I already have of my Abyssal Dwarves for Kings of War (needed for my challenge later this year against my niece and her Dwarves) but Toby is pretty keen to get a game of Guildball in now both our pledges have arrived. I've ordered some Micro-art studio graveyard bases to go along with these but I'll hopefully get some painting time in tomorrow with The Daughters heading back to school again.

Also I got a game of Bolt Action in with The Youngest this afternoon. She's been working hard all week on her Italians and has made some pretty decent headway so we figured we had to fit in a game before school started again. I should get some from of AAR up tomorrow time permitting.