Tuesday, 21 July 2015

21 July - 20 July Napoleonic Game vs The Uncle

Caught up with The Uncle for the first time in a while yesterday. He'd had a Napoleonic game the day before with one of his friends and he very kindly left his Russian force behind so that I could use it. This was my first game set in the period, although I have been looking into it lately as The Youngest has expressed an interest in playing something were they still had nice looking uniforms. We used the Tremble Ye Tyrants rule set which played nicely to the amount of time I had before needing to get home, again this being my first game in the period I cannot compare the rules to anything else.

As I stated I was playing a Russian force against a French force fielded by The Uncle with some German and Belgium allies.

The game played well and by the end of the first turn I had the movement rules sorted and picked up the combat and morale rules within a couple of rolls. Shooting works on a D20 system with melee using a D6.

I'm afraid I didn't really note what most of the force was so I won't go as in depth as usual with the battle report, but it was an enjoyable game which looked like I would take the victory at the end (we did have to stop before it was a definite victory for either side). My right flank was admittedly looking like it wouldn't hold for much longer, but my grenadiers had smashed their way through quite a large amount of his centre. And while my lancers had been forced back by his Cuirassiers (I may be wrong as to the classification of his cavalry), they left a path to some infantry who had time to reform to square and I would have been able to clear the path for my medium artillery. On the left flank we had similar amounts of infantry, but I had the advantage of being already formed up in line formation whilst The Uncle was still stuck in column and attack column. I'll put up a few shots and again I apologise for the lack of "normal" report.

I enjoyed the game a lot so hopefully at some stage I'll get another in and this time I'll take better notes instead of trusting myself to remember a whole mess of things I've just heard on the day ;)