Thursday, 15 October 2015

15th October - General Update

Just a quick one today, the holidays are over and I'm back to work this morning. Didn't get as much painting done as I planned but that's the way these things go.

I'll put up a few pics of the Infinity Operation Icestorm game against The Brother first. We played the first four scenarios on Saturday night which all went my way (though to be fair he'd just finished a ten hour day and was fairly tired by the last game). Then on Sunday I headed back over after lunch and we finished off the scenario set. The last game went to him four victory points to three with neither of us managing to secure the roof top of the primary objective. It was good to catch up and get to push some figures around and he's now looking at an Ariadna Caledonian Sectorial force.

Hobby wise I've put together the 4Ground kits myself and The Wife picked up while we were down in Sydney at MOAB. It was great to meet the guys from War and Peace while we were there and I'm pretty sure it'll be a repeat trip for next year as both The Daughters enjoyed the day as well so next year we might stretch the holiday an extra day and get into a few demo games or maybe a tournament. Back on topic I picked up some of the new Ruins of Daldorr kits while The Wife grabbed a couple of Norse buildings for me.

While at MOAB The Eldest also decided she liked the look of the Malifaux models, so after getting back to Brisbane we sat down and watched a couple of battle reports. So I'm now the owner of a two player starter set and I picked up a few of the Plastcraft ColorED sets.

While I have nothing painted to show at the moment (those Abyssal Dwarves are coming along though), The Wife put the finishing touches on her first two completed forces. Her Anglo-Danish for Saga and her Shaltari for Dropzone Commander. I think they look awesome and now she's got her Bolt Action Japanese on her part of the table I'm looking forward to seeing how she does with them.


Huscarls w Danish Axe
Huscarls w Spear



Four point Warband


Tomahawks and Kukri

Gaia, Edens and Havens



Skirmish Force

That covers it for today, Kickstarter wise The Wife and I are waiting for the Dropfleet Commander one to start and are in fairly heavily on the current Battle Systems Post Apoc Terrain one. I've got both the Sci-Fi and Fantasy sets and I have to say that it's a great modular system and I'm happy with the quality of product they put out.