Monday, 18 July 2016

18th July - Mini-Update

So it's been a bit of a crazy month both in and out of work, which of course has had a bit of an impact on my hobby time.

While not completely ground to a halt I've really not got a hell of a lot done in the last couple of weeks. I've managed to assemble both my Hordes and The Wife's Warmachine starter boxes put together and we've played through the training books and had a couple of quick games. I'm hoping to get some form of games in with The Brother sometime soon but he's not exactly at his most available himself at the moment so we're trying to work something out in the near future.

I'll put up a couple of quick pics of the assembled minis and hopefully I'll manage to get a bit of a base coat on my gear tomorrow before I have to head into work, fingers crossed.

Hopefully I'll have something with a bit more substance to post next time round :).