Wednesday, 10 August 2016

10th August - Hordes Progression Update

Just a quick update to begin with, I'm still around it's just been a crazy few weeks with work though that will now be the end of that. I've managed to get a couple of small games in and there'll even be a battle report coming later today/tomorrow.

In the meantime I've got a few WIP pics from my Hordes Legion of Everblight starter box. I've been following along the painting guide provided in the box although I've made a few slight changes to a few of the tones and shading/highlighting steps.

I think they're coming along nicely, the Shredders and Neraph are pretty much up to basing (The Seraph's wings still need shading/highlighting) and the Nephilim isn't too far off. The Warlock still needs a lot of work although the armour and cloth are the only bits left really and that will finish her off.

Also a quick shout out to The Brother and The Eldest Nephew who headed off to the local Saga tournament last weekend (I had to work so missed out this time) and managed to take out first and third place respectively. I'll put up a quick link to his blog post here if you wanna check out a few pics from the day and a quick description of the three battles.

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