Thursday, 16 February 2017

16th February - Finished Walking Dead Walkers

While I haven't been posting I have got a few bits and pieces done since I got back from Canberra. Gaming wise Arwen and I got a game of Across the Dead Earth, we're thinking we'll get another one in the next few days and I'll do a bit of a write up on it. We're using the Origins PDF so she's settled on an Engineer gang, which was what I was thinking of so I've ended up with Forest kin. While they're a little softer than the other gangs I found the extra movement quite useful in our game.

I finally got around to finishing off my Gremlins for Malifaux but the photos didn't look as in focus on the computer as they did on the camera so I'll take some more and putting up another post on them in the next few days.

I also decided to get my walkers painted up from my Walking Dead base set and the two boosters I picked up at Cancon. We've played a couple of games and found it a little tricky to pick out the walkers from the survivors. I think to assist this I'll also be painting the rim of the bases green rather than brown as well.

They only took me maybe five hours spaced out over two days so for the effort I put in I'm pretty happy with how they came out.