Saturday, 25 February 2017

25th February - Walking Dead Games vs The Wife and The Youngest

I managed to get a couple of games of The Walking Dead: All Out War in over the last week, one against Arwen and one against Jenny.

My first game was against Jenny and we played the intro scenario from the tutorial booklet which pits Rick and Carl vs Derek, Sandra and Patrick. Jen picked Rick and Carl so I took the other three. The game works with an alternating activation of your gang members with initiative changing each turn. After all the members have been activated the game moves to an events phase where walkers can attack people within their kill zone and a card is turn which can have different effects such as spawning more walkers, moving walkers or other random events. There is then a melee phase when anyone that is in base contact must fight it out, followed by a chance for prone walkers to get up and any bites are checked.

Initial Setup
Derek grabs the first loot token
Rick tangles with a Roamer

Sandra slips out of combat, soon to jump the car as Derek hurls
a Molotov cocktail at Rick drawing the Roamers.

With Rick pulled down by a pack of walkers and the bulk of the loot tokens in my possession Jen conceded the game.

Myself and Arwen decided to play a custom game using the standard scenario of two scavenging parties and a small pack of roamers in between them "guarding" the scattered loot counters. We took turns selecting either characters or equipment and ended up with around 110 points each.

Arwen selected a veteran version of Derek with Jim and little Sophia, I took Morgan with his son Duane and a marksmen version of Carl.

We had a fairly quite start to the game with most of the early event cards having little to no effect, apart from a car alarm going off early on causing mayhem and drawing several walkers toward Derek allowing me to quickly grab several loot tokens.

Arwen tried to slow me down with walkers but I was able to fend them off with out too much hassle, though admittedly not as easily as Derek was with his katana.

Things started to get tense when we had several lurkers appear on the remaining loot tokens and Arwen chased down poor Duane and hacked him down in front of his father. The threat meter finally hit high on the same turn, this was bad news for me as my entire group only had medium nerve so I began panic rolling for everyone while on Arwen's side Derek was able to keep his head.

Arwen quickly picked up the supply counters dropped by Duane so I began firing my handgun with Carl as often as I could pushing the threat meter higher with each shot, finally hitting 18 and ending the game in a draw 3 loot markers each.

As I'm sure was noticeable in the pictures my survivors are currently on the painting table so I should hopefully have them finished within the next week depending on how many chores I get allocated over my weekend :).