Monday, 10 April 2017

10th April - General Update

While I haven't been overly active on the blog I have been rather busy with the hobby in general. I've got a couple of games in here and there and have been getting quite a lot of painting knocked over.

Arwen and I have been sitting down watching Critical Role together and painting away since she started the holidays. Now I've knocked over a few of my own projects Jen (the wife) has decided that her Bolt Action Japanese are the next on my list so I've just started touching up what she'd started and am going on from there. Arwen has started on her Circle of Orboros Hordes starter box and using the technique guide in the back of one of the mini books she's starting to play with some layering and shading and I think it's coming along really well. I'll put a few photos up in the next update.

Due to a bit of a lack of motivation and decent weather the photos aren't the best but I'll put up what I've taken anyway.

Germans for Bolt Action




I also pulled out the Lords of Dust for the Home Raiders game as I had promised my youngest niece that I would have a game with her when she came over to stay next. They'll be over later this week so I knocked them over in a few days so I'm ready to go for her. I've still got a Scarab Rider to go but the penguin himself is done so it shouldn't take me too long to finish off.

I should get a few games in this week so I'll try to get some battle reports done up sometime soon.

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