Monday, 9 June 2014

8th June - Teaching the girls Stargrunt among other things

Well once again the regular gaming schedule is thrown out of whack. Had another chef at work leave on Friday, then just to make it interesting another one (who is also part of my gaming group) managed to get hit by a car on his bike on Tuesday. Luckily nothing too serious, cracked ribs etc but it means I'm back to 5 days for the moment. I'll give you a minute to share in my suffering....

Ok so pushing on I've managed to still get quite a few things in, playing a Capture the Flag scenario of Stargrunt with my daughters, a couple of games of Warage (a new dueling card game I backed on kickstarter last year) with my youngest and finally cracking the Settlers of Catan: Traders and Barbarians box. The only thing that's suffered has been my painting so my second group of warriors for Saga has been sitting surround by the paints they require to be finished... I can feel their bitter and judging glare on my back as I type.

So to Stargrunt. I managed to get a game in against my Uncle a week or so ago (no photos we were re-familiarizing ourselves with the rules) and decided to introduce the kids to it. Borrowing some terrain as I left we proceeded to setup the board after a breakfast run to Mount Tamborine while their mum was sleeping before her night shift. I knocked together a quick capture the flag scenario.

We were involved in a training exercise in a secret NSL location bring up the latest group of recruits to the require level of skill. Each side would consist of two 6 man squads all outfitted the same. Quality and Leadership value was deteremined by two die rolls, 1 - 2 Green Squad 3 - 5 Regular 6 Veteran. My daughters rolled a Green (my poor eldest) and Veteran (the lucky youngest), I got a Green and Regular squad. The leadership rolls followed with the Eldest rolling a lv 3 Ldr (my poor poor girl) and a lv 1 from the youngest (did I mention the luck?) I got a lv 1 for the Regs and a 2 for the Green. I just managed to beat the Youngest on a quick initiative roll so I began the game. I'd giving the girls a couple of basic ideas on how to go about getting the flag and getting it off the board and gave them a few minutes to discuss tactics.

The game went well. Both picking up the rules and had a good time. Unfortunately for my Eldest as they got to the point where they had the flag well covered, I manage to get the Younger suppressed and she proceeded to leg it into a nearby forest leaving the poor Green squad in the open where they proceeded to get cut to pieces and ended up breaking two turns later. The Younger eventually came out after skirmishing along the edge and refusing to break even unto "death" (Training excerise, dummy rounds, rigged armour etc). Her last two troopers proceeding to charge my Green unit killing two and driving them off, gaining the flag for one precious moment before being cut down by me Regs positioned just behind her.

They both enjoyed themselves though and the youngest has been scanning various sites trying to work out which faction she's going to buy once she finishes her Saga Irish.

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