Tuesday, 24 June 2014

24th June - Progress and Games

Still on a rather time hungry work roster at the moment, but I keep telling myself it'll be back to normal soon. Continuing with the Saturday night family gaming we've played Pandemic and Elder Sign these past two weeks and managed a victory in both of these co-op games (admittedly Elder Sign was a just and the Youngest did end up a gibbering madwoman).

The Wife's Forge Fathers

My painting regime has been compromised with a six day week and some rather poor painting weather, but today I persevered and managed to  finish off my second warrior unit for my Saga war band (only badly smudging one eye which I was willing to count as a win) and I finally got around to putting the decals on the Wife's finally finished and as yet unnamed Dreadball Forge Father team. She did have them almost finished about two months back but decided she didn't like the paint scheme and redid them.

Had the gaming group round on Monday for our fortnightly games night and pulled out Munchkin this week. As you'd expect chaos ensued and I emerged from the fray victorious after the usual betrayal, last minute cursing and modifier pile ons (I believe one combat ended up with a player strength of 53 to the monsters 55). For me (and the group I'm fairly certain) the highlight was when the Wife bowed out early to sleep (being on a night shift and wanting an hour or two before work) I moved next to the Eldest and proceeded to bear hug her saying "Friend" over and over again. She blindly reached out till she found the dice and rolled to escape failing the first attempt but succeeding on her second try (for those who haven't played if you find yourself unable to win a combat you try to run needing a 5 or 6 otherwise you suffer from the Bad Stuff listed on the monsters card).

Not much else happening on the gaming front at the moment. Fingers crossed work settles down soon and I can manage to push some tiny metal men around on a table again soon and get the painting backlog on track again before my next deluge of said metal men begins to arrive.

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