Sunday, 6 July 2014

6th July - The week with no children

The school holidays started with the kids heading off on a ten day holiday with their Nan (my Mum). While I couldn't managed to organize any games in around work (both mine and my potential opponents) it did free up some extra time for painting. I've now finished the Hearthguard component of my initial Saga force. Both the Beserkers and the ordinary Hirdmen. Along with my Bondi (Warriors) and the yet to be finished Warlord this is it until I purchase another 2 points worth of troops. At the moment I'm considering a unit of Thralls and another selection of Hirdmen, of course this may change once I get a few games in and see how things go.

Once I complete the Warlord I'm thinking I'll be back to painting my remaining Dreadball teams and MVPs before moving on to the next larger project.

Close up Beserkers

Hirdmen Unit

The Warband waiting for their Warlord to lead them to victory

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