Sunday, 2 November 2014

2nd November - Finished Bolt Action German Weapons Teams

Put the finishing touches on these this morning. I'm pretty happy with them, only messed up one set of eyes really badly which is good going for me. If I had of been thinking I would have knocked over the little half-track I'd received for my birthday last month but it was on a separate shelf to the blisters so I managed to over look it. I'm thinking it'll be back to the Infinity Nomads next to finish off the Icestorm box or possibly atleast on of the Across the Dead Earth gangs that arrived a couple of days ago. I've got three days off next week, in a row no less, so I'm hoping to get a game or two in and hopefully a report or two.


German Panzerschreck Team

German Flamethrower Team 

German Medium Machine Gun Team

German Pak 75mm Anti Tank Gun