Tuesday, 17 February 2015

17th February - Finished Infinity Combined Army

Finally got them finished, although I still have the Med-Tech to put together and at the moment I'm using a couple of old Genestealers from my teenage 40k days as Gakis at the moment. As this is my first foray into the Combined Army (and Infinity apart from the Icestorm box) I 'm sure that there will be more models on their way as I have a few games and begin to feel the need to adapt the force.

The lighting is a little off on these pics but as The Wife is currently sick and passed out on the couch I didn't want to mess around too much and disturb her, so it was a quiet cobble together for today. Once I get the missing couple of minis and paint them up I'll try to put up a few more, or at least another group shot.

Malignos, Sniper

Raicho Armoured Brigade

Fraacta, Trihedron Drop Unit

Maarkrep Trackers Unit (with HMG)

Unidron Batroids

Umbra Legates

Now onto the Trader's Caravan for Anyaral and to get a couple more games in before the end of the month.

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