Tuesday, 24 March 2015

24th March - Finished Scourge Starter Box

Finished off my Scourge starter box a couple of days ago. I'm leaning toward a gloss or semi-gloss varnish so they're not quite officially finished, but they're done enough to serve the purpose of a blog post.

Scourge Skirmish Size Box Set Army

I've kept my colour scheme fairly simple but I feel it's come up rather nicely. It's just a base coat of Vallejo model colour copper, followed by a very dry dry-brush of Army painter silver then a solid coat of the same silver on a few raised areas. The vents I pre-shaded with a thin wash of Vallejo Black-grey and finished it off with a wash of Games Workshop Nuln Oil.

Hunter Tanks
Reaper Anti-Air Tank

Scourge Warriors

Invader APC
Marauder Medium Dropship

I've also got a bit of progress done on my terrain entry for the Across the Dead Earth Facebook competition, but my clippers broke earlier this week so I'm just waiting on a new set to finish off a few more bits and pieces.

After the Bolt Action game with Toby the other day I've had another play with an army list. So I've begun to work on the Panzer IV H and a 250/1 half-track that have been sitting on the shelf for the last few months. So I should hopefully knock them over in the next couple of days in between shifts at work. I've order some more drill bits and magnets so I can magnetise the  Schurzen depending on the fit out of the particular game. It's also my first go at camo with the air brush, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it now.