Wednesday, 4 March 2015

4th March - 2nd March Bolt Action vs Toby

It's been a while since I'd got a game of Bolt Action and Toby was keen, so Monday morning saw me head over there for a game. He's got a few more bits and pieces than I do when it comes to troop options so I figured I'd have a play with veteran units this time. I kept full ten man squads for this one, but I'm thinking I may drop the numbers down and run some slightly different load out on the units and add a little more support into the platoon.

We played the grab the intel mission as it plays from the rule book. Some poor morale roles for his US marines left his centre a little lacking and my Hetzer managed to shutdown his entire left flank on the approach to the objective.

Once I got to the centre the veteran status paid off. It's amazing how much different a target number one higher can make to the casualty role. Then the following turn a series of hand offs down the line saw the germans secure the intel without any real dramas.

I have to say after a week or so of not getting much in it was good to cram in a large amount of hobby on the days off. The Wife and myself managed to get in a game of our latest kickstarter delivery Dawn: Rise of the Occulites which was a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to getting in a few more games in and trying out the advanced/campaign rules for it.

On the kickstarter note I'm currently backing a couple that may be of interest to people or maybe not. Toby was keen to get into Wild West Exodus, so after watching the Beasts of War week on the game I'm liking the way it appears to play so I've gone in on the Unfinished Business kickstarter they're running. Also keeping on the skirmish level I've backed Warbands as well which sounds interesting with your group being made up of any combination of the ten fantasy races and various classes.

Starting work on the hobby/gaming area next week hopefully. Aiming to get the hobby/painting station built and setup, then if the tables seem sturdy enough I'll be using the same materials/plan to get some proper gaming tables built and free up the dining table so it can be used solely for it's intended purpose again.