Monday, 2 March 2015

2nd March - 1st March Game with The Uncle and both Daughters

For starters you'll have to forgive my lack of updates lately, I've been fairly under the weather and didn't really get anything done. I did manage to finish off some ruined buildings I've been working on for Across the Dead Earth which I'll put a post up about in the next day or two but didn't get any miniatures painted since finishing off my Combined Army force.

Dropped round to my Uncles yesterday and got a game in. We were intending to play a quick couple of skirmish games, but The Youngest seemed more interested in playing something larger and seeing as we've been watching a fair amount of documentaries on ancient Rome that's what went on the table. We should have widened the table slightly but time constraints and the last minute change of plans worked against us but the girls enjoyed themselves and that was the point really.

We saw some Imperial Romans (The Uncle and The Youngest) line up against some Dacians (myself) and some Celtish allies (The Eldest). We were using the Piquet system and rolled up the unit quality. Naturally The Uncle and I both rolled abysmal generals and both girls rolled perfect commanders for their sub-commands.

It wasn't a bad game with both The Uncle and my forces constantly racked by command indecision and stationary so the girls ended up mostly fighting it out on the flank. After a fierce effort The Eldest was eventually routed by The Youngest although it was an incredibly close affair. Eventually The Uncle and I came to blows and after a few melee resolution card both sides saw some disorganized results on both sides the superior Roman armour and my inability to bring my numbers to bear (I could moan about the lack of table size but I'll remain silent) saw a good portion of my line collapse and we took an ordered retreat from the battle field.

Dacian Line
Roman Line

Celtish Cavalry Advances

Skirmish Units Clash

Roman Levies Break

 Romans and Dacians Clash

Cavalry Clash. Eventually the Celts will break and rout

Dacians collapse from here but not a bad
fight on a battlefield not of their choosing