Tuesday, 14 April 2015

14th April Finished Panzer IV and 250/1 Halftrack

Been moving a few rooms around this week moving all the games and the last of the miniatures downstairs and shuffling the lounge room around, but I've still managed to fit in a fair amount of hobby time and even a game.

Painting wise I've managed to finish off my Panzer IV and 250/1 Halftrack for my Bolt Action Germans. Used mostly the airbrush on these ones and I'm really happy with the final products.

I've also almost finished off The Wife's 7th cavalry for Deadman's Hand, while I've been using the left over paint on my palate to make some progress on the trader's caravan for Anyaral. I'm going for a mis-match bright colour scheme so rather than trying to do it in one sitting I've been painting random sacks, etc as I go and it's starting to come along rather nicely. Hopefully I've have it finished in the next couple of week.

Once The Wife's force is done I'll be putting some Across the Dead Earth minis back on the painting table to paint up my entries for this months Facebook competition with the engineer's as my gang entry and Nurse Penny out of the Sisters of Acquisition as my single figure.

The Daughter's and I headed over to The Uncle's house yesterday and got a game of Crom in. For those not in the know it's a skirmish set of rules based in the Hyborian age (Conan). It's not a bad little system with character's having a dice pool that they assign each turn to movement, combat or special. I took a few pics and a few notes so I'll get to work on getting a battle report up in the next few days.