Sunday, 19 April 2015

19th April - 13th April Crom game at The Uncles

The Daughters and I headed over to visit The Uncle during the school holidays as we tend to do and he had decided to trial out the Crom system of rules with us. Crom is a skirmish rule set located in the Hyborian age (Robert E Howard's setting for Conan for any poor souls not in the know). It works off an allocated dice pool system. Due to some technical difficulties with his printer we didn't quite have all the pages printed out and downstairs but movement is based on the total of your allocated dice and most other actions are based on a success/fail system.

The scenario saw The Youngest and I sneaking in to a Shemite city in an attempt to free Conan and then to stop Thoth Amon from raising and control a demon to do his bidding. The Eldest decided she wanted to play the evil side so took control of Thoth Amon's trusted guard as well as several minor henchmen and lackeys.

We began the game with The Youngest infiltrating the city disguised as a simple goat herder and myself snuck inside a wagon bed. The game played through rather rapidly with The Youngest quickly heading to the returning apprentices lab and almost destroying it while fighting off hordes of guards before she could brew the potion required by her master to complete the summoning. I mean while played a secondary role recruiting the aid of a couple of helpful locals and heading into a secret tunnel to rescue Conan, although I was lucky enough to run into the apprentice sorceress and dispatch her leaving the brewing to a lesser apprentice who never quite managed to brew the potion.


Thoth Amon's personal guard then returned and managed to subdue The Youngest though she managed to slip her guard and proceeded to lick her wounds for a few turns and regain her strength. Myself and the newly freed Conan proceeded to fight our way out of the front door of the prison and head to finish the task. The Youngest then chose to return from hiding and rushed ahead taking out the pre-occupied wizard and winning the game.

We all enjoyed the game and we're thinking about getting another one in when we all have a chance to get together again. The Wife, The Youngest and I just finished a game of Saga downstairs so expect another battle report in the next couple of days :).