Monday, 15 February 2016

15th February - Finished Relics Britanan Troopers and Company Sergeant Major

Finished off these guys last weekend but haven't had a chance to get a decent photo until yesterday. I've got the Highlanders still to go from the starter box and have quite a few bits and pieces heading my way soon. I'm not sure if the Highlanders will be on the painting table next though as I do want to finish off the Nomads and Pan-O forces I have for Infinity in time for The Eldest and The Wife to be able to use them for the upcoming Beasts of War campaign.


Company Sergeant Major

I also got in a game of Kings of War on Sunday morning with The Youngest. I didn't get any photos this time, but after a hard fought game she managed to grab two out of the three loot counters and took out the game. She was quite happy with her win and wants to get on with putting her army together, after her USAriadna are finished.

The other part of day was setting up a Dropzone table for Valentine game with The Wife though we ended up just watching a few shows and got the game in this morning. I remembered to take notes this time so I'll have a AAR up in the next day or so.

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