Sunday, 7 February 2016

7th February - Guildball vs The Brother and Kings of War vs The Wife

Got a game of Guildball in with The Brother last Tuesday and I'm happy to say he enjoyed it. I had borrowed Toby's Butchers for him and of course I fielded my Morticians. It had been a while since I'd got a game of it in so the first couple of turns were a little slow and there was a few minor mistakes made, but by the end of the game we had it all down. We finished up with a narrow win to The Brother in a goalless game. I did attempt one run at goal but he managed to intercept me and get the ball away. I sent him home with my collection of Butchers to do with as he will.

Early turn two

Graves spreads some bleeds

Cosset takes down Brisket with a little help
Meathook knocks Obulus from behind

Boar sees an opportunity and puts Obulus down
The big men face off

Graves gets revenge for Obulus
Ox strips the ball from Silence

I'm really looking forward to seeing what The Brother does with his team but I'll have to wait until he finishes off the final few minis for his Caledonian Ariadna force for Infinity.

I also got another game of Kings of War in, this time against The Wife and her Goblins. Once again my opponent perhaps hadn't finished (or even started her army) but I had a few old bits and pieces from an old orcs and goblins army of mine to help this time and giving how nice her Frostgrave wizard and apprentice are coming along I'm willing to let things go. The game took place over the course of the week as we could fit bits in between so again not the best battle rep but I'll take some notes next game like I'm supposed to ;).

Abyssal Dwarf Line
Goblin Line 

Dwarves start breaking Goblin lines

Goblins make a comeback

Final combat of the game breaks the Spitters
[Ignore the dust on the Goblins ;)]
I've got two days off coming up now so I'm hoping to get my Britanan CSM and Troopers finished off and maybe start playing around with a terrain piece or two. I've also got a Dropzone Commander game planned against Toby on Tuesday and The Youngest wants a Kings of War rematch as well so hopefully getting quite a bit of hobby in.