Friday, 6 May 2016

6th May - Finished Umbra Legate w/- Boarding Shotgun and "Eat Hitler!"

I had the various nephews and nieces over for the Labour Day holiday and put on a game using the  Eat Hitler! ruleset. It's a nice little rule set were you control a carnivorous dinosaur who happens to be nearby after a failed time travel attempt by Hitler to try to turn the war around. The kids all loved it and I enjoyed both games I've played so far.

I've also finished off the Umbra Legates I was working on for my Infinity Combined Army force, this one outfitted with a boarding shotgun. I'm pretty happy with the way he's finished up.

The Wife has also been getting some things done for her Dropzone Commander force. They're still WIP but she's been playing around with the airbrush and I think she's done a stunning job with them. She's been playing with some preshading which has given her a real nice two tone effect on her vehicles. She's also done the first coat of wash starting to give them a bit of depth.

Not sure what I'll be painting next, I've got some more Britanan troops put together and I'm putting my Malifaux Bushwackers set, but I've also got some Abyssal half-breeds I could finish off for my Kings of War army.