Thursday, 28 April 2016

28th April - 25th April Infinity vs The Brother

Headed over to The Brother's place for a few beers for ANZAC day and we managed to fit in another Infinity game. Both of us fielded slightly different forces to our original game.

Quickly consolidating our gains from our last encounter with a band of US Ariadna it was no surprise to find yet another band of Ariadna lined up against us, though this time the kilt wearing kind. Once again the battlefield was suddenly covered with smoke as hazy silhouettes advanced through the temporary cover. Suddenly a lone man from the 45th Highlander burst through the smoke blazing away with his chain rifle. However the Unidron Batroid covering the approach stood firm against the incoming fire and a few seconds later the impetuous soldier was left fallen to the ground. The half-breed Cameronian trooper followed around the corner and managed to felled the drone but suffered a shoulder wound from the distant Morat piloted Rachio.

Pushing rapidly up field the TAG exchanged a round of fire with the T2 sniper equipped Cateran killing the man. Again the Rachio pilot moved up splitting his fire between the Cameronian and another man from the 45th. His back turned another Unidron remote is activated and advanced sending multiple plasma bursts into the Dog-soldier until finally the trooper was downed.

Not willing to face the overwhelming might of the Combined Army TAG the Highlander Grey heads down the far side of a nearby building finally rounding a corner and taking out the poorly positioned Kurgat engineer. She then proceeds to harass the Rachio pushing the pilot further back as answering shots continually go wild until finally the pilot is maneuvered into the ideal position for the nearby leader of the Scots guard link team is able to put the machine out of action. Not leaving anything to chance the heavily armed and armoured woman quickly rushed in and performed a coupe de grace ending the pilots life, destroying the TAG beyond field repair and satisfying the classified demands of their superior officers.

Meanwhile the rest of the Combined force taking advantage of the humans momentary focus on pulling down the Rachio continue to advance and secure more of the battlefield. The Malignos finally having an opportunity to strike burst from cover taking out a SAS trooper, then quickly re activated his camo and moved up field opening a firing line on the current Scots guard link leader killing the man throwing them temporarily into disorder.

Sensing a need for heroics similar to that displayed by the Rachio's pilot the Scots guard quickly reformed their link and took out the Malignos, though not enough to prevent the activation of the Shasvastii's Seed-embryo. They then quickly pushed up through a gap in the cargo containers out drawing the Maakrep tracker leaving the turned Tohaa soldier dead but falling to the return fire of the waiting Umbra Legates and yet another Batroid.

With plenty of room to move the Combined Medtech moved up to assist in securing the quadrant and some horded intel gave them to edge to maintain control despite heavy casualties. The day ended with a similarly mauled Caledonian force retreating carefully back to base leaving the area to the alien invaders.

Another great game, which could have gone either way right up to the last turn. The final result was 7 to 2 but if I hadn't managed to secure the two areas it would have been a 4 to 5 win to The Brother. Troops wise there wasn't much between us with The Brother having 143 points left on the table to my 137. I'm hosting him and his family this Monday as we've got another public holiday so hopefully we'll get a game or two in again this week.