Tuesday, 20 September 2016

20th September - 19th September Dropzone vs The Youngest

I had my Dropzone Commander Reconquest Phase Two rulebook turn up early last week and having a read through combined with the imminent arrival of mine and The Wife's Dropfleet pledges I was keen to get a game on. My youngest, Arwen stepped in to the rescue and decided it was time for her to learn the game.

We ended up getting two games, though the first one was more of a rule play through more than a real game. The second one was not a terrible game with Arwen managing to decimate most of my force but despite only have a couple of Marauders and a single Invader make it off the board with a loot counter. Unfortunately for her I'd managed to take out her Bear APCs and their attendant Condor so she was unable to get the single loot counter she'd found off the table giving me the win in the end. Luckily for me she really enjoyed the games so I might have to grab a few more vehicles for the UCM and I'm relatively sure she has now decided to claim the UCM components of our Dropfleet pledges.

I managed to get boots on the ground first thanks to the faster Scourge dropships, though I lost a Marauder and one of the carried Reapers to her AA fire.

Luckily I took out her Condor and one of her Bears before she decimated my vehicles.

Her troops also proceeded to demolish my squad in the largest building. I was waiting for her to move one of them in the remaining Bear to go for the third objective and somehow was lucky enough to blow it up before it could reach the distant goal.

Painting wise I've ended up on the Abyssal Halfbreeds and I've worked out what I want to finish off a two thousand point force. My military order Sergeant blister turned up today as well so I'll have to knock them over soon to finish off that initial Crescent and Crosses force.