Monday, 26 September 2016

26th September - 24th September Frostgrave vs The Wife

My Wife Jenny and I had the house to ourselves so we decided that we should do what all couples do when the kids are away for a few days and set up for a game of Frostgrave :).

I set up a pretty heavily populated Cultist outpost and the game was on.

We both began moving up towards the cultists casting buffing spells on our various soldiers. My apprentice manged to get a glow spell off on a nearby enemy. My nearby archer didn't manage to hit the man sized glowing target but his counterpart on the other left took out the cultist taking cover behind the window. Jen's crossbowmen attempted to take out some bow armed cultist on her side, wounding one but missing the other. The vile men advanced on the wizards' bands while their missile armed companions offered some covering fire, wounding a few of my soldiers and killing on the The Wife's archers.

Christian the Humble Worker of Miracles and Thaumaturge Extraordinaire quickly ran back chanting a Heal spell and bringing his almost unconscious archer back to his feet. My archer shot back at the cultist responsible for wounding him but merely winged the hooded man. One of my thugs took the opportunity to move up to grab one of awaiting piles of treasure. After one of her archers nailed an approaching cultist; Jenny, Crafter of Trinkets finished the man off with a well placed grenade spell. My man at arms engaged with another of the enemy horde while my apprentice used the distraction to blunder his attempt at a blinding light spell and took damage from the magical discharge. Jenny's apprentice also successfully cast a grenade spell but her targets both managed to avoid the blast. Her soldiers then moved in and engaged the men killing one but failing to pierce the amour on the second. Her crossbowmen also managed to kill one of the archers between them. A flurry of hostile action left one more cultist dead, at the cost of two of my warband (a thug and an archer) and both of Jenny's crossbowmen wounded.

Temporarily regretting his lack of damaging spells Christian the Humble cast blinding light leaving the man staggering around unable to use his weapon. Jenny wounded yet another cultist with another grenade while his archer hireling missed. The thaumaturge apprentice managed to cast his spell this time leaving the cultist crossbowman glowing, but the nearby archer failed again to hit his brightly lit target. The Wife's apprentice again threw a grenade spell this time wounded her target, and again the infantrymen waded in and took out their foe. My remaining thug picked up one of the cultist stashes and began to head back to camp to secure it. One of Jen's crossbowman was pulled down by her cultist foe and the other decided the odds were most definitely against him and pulled back to camp.

Both the wizards moved into better positions to support their warbands, Jenny, Crafter of Trinkets did it with a bit of a show, with yet another grenade spell and another dead cultist. Her apprentice also took the time to collect one of the other stockpiles. My man at arms finally managed to kill the cultist crossbowman and moved to support the infantryman who was being slowed beaten by his foe. The wife's infantryman had no such trouble and killed yet another man.

With less cultists left moving, the focus became mopping up the remaining few. Jen's archer began to exchange arrows with a distant man wounding him with a well placed shot. Meanwhile my Thug continued to move his haul back to camp. Christian the Humble, Worker of Miracles and Thaumaturge Extraordinaire was unfortunately unable to heal the infantryman engaged in combat. The Wife's apprentice also continued to secure treasure for her camp, while mine grabbed another lot of treasure while his archer moved to cover him and wounded the final cultist heading in his direction. The infantryman Jen had engaged with a cultist finally had his luck run out falling to the enemies blade despite being reinforced by a fellow soldier. My man at arms finished off the cultist that my infantryman was struggling with and moved off to engage the one threatening my apprentice and the wife's remaining infantryman took revenge for his fallen comrade killing his evil steeped opponent.

Jenny, Crafter of Trinkets began her advance into the centre of the contested area. With the infantryman finally standing still Christian the Humble bought his soldier back to full health and sent him off to handle the no longer blinded cultist. The remainder of the warbands began to secure the unguarded loot as two of the three remaining enemies were cut down.

Seeing she was now outnumbered and barely able to resist the blinding light cast on her by her counterpart, Jenny Crafter of Trinkets decided to take what she could and abandon the field.

Once the dust had settled both wizards had to deal with their wounded soldiers. Jenny, Crafter of Trinkets despite heavily injures walked away with no dead men, though one of her crossbowmen wouldn't be able to join the next mission into the ruins while he recovered. Unfortunately despite his best efforts Christian the Humble's thug succumbed to his wounds and passed away.

Painting wise I've made a fair bit of headway on the Abyssal Halfbreeds but I've been tied up at work a bit more this week so I've still got quite a way to go. On the gaming side my youngest wants to get a game in so we're looking at going Kings of War and I should be getting a game of Bolt Action in with Toby now I've got the second edition rulebook here ready to go.