Tuesday, 11 October 2016

11th October - Rock Terrain Project

I saw the how to for these particular rocks on the Beasts of War site in a Hobby Lab bit and I've been meaning to have a go at them ever since. I felt like a bit of a palette cleanse from the Abyssal Half-breeds (although they're not too far from finished, depending on how I go might even get them done this week) so I grabbed the sponges and got cracking.

The first step which I didn't think to take a quick photo of was to super glue them down to some MDF bases I'd picked up from Miniature Scenery CNC Workshop. Then I shaped them with a mix of cutting and tearing to get some uneven lines and then a liberal coating of a cheap black acrylic mixed 50/50 with water so it could soak into the sponge. Then I grabbed a spray tin of Tamiya Grey Violet and gave it a good coating.

Then I gave them all a fairly heavy dry brush with Army Painter Ash Grey.

Followed by a lighter dry brush with Vallejo Model Color Stone Grey.

Then I used a mix a dry brushing on some of the overhangs and dabbing in some of the crevasses with Vallejo Model Colour Yellow Green.

The next step was to give the bases a coat with Army Painter Oak Brown and the edges a quick run over with Vallejo Model Colour Flat Green.

The final couple of steps were to give the bases a coat of watered down PVA and get some static grass down and then a little bit of flock spot glued here and there. I've still got to give them a final seal to give them a bit of durability but I really wanted to get them on a table to see what they looked like.

I was supposed to be getting that rescheduled game of Frostgrave in with Toby tonight but he had a few things come up so Arwen and I are planning to make use of the table tomorrow afternoon for another game ourselves. I've added a few more bits of pieces to the table since I took the photo and I've come up with a bit of a scenario so hopefully we get the game in with out too much hassle.

I'm planning to do another set soon but using a lighter shade of grey for the spray coat for a bit of variety. I've also begun to glue my remaining Guildball teams and players together (you can see them in the background of one of the photos), Arwen finally decided on which team she wants to begin with (Brewers) and testing a theory on saving shelf space and making it easier to knock down my painting backlog.