Thursday, 20 October 2016

20th October - Finished Kings of War Abyssal Half-breeds

I'm doing a bit of a push to get this army finished now that I've got my ticket for the Australian Clash of Kings on a Cancon. The Brother's going to be having a bash himself so we're looking at getting a couple of practice games in over the next couple of months. I've got a list worked out based on what I picked up in the Kickstarter plus the few bits I picked up last week from Mantic. Once I see how it plays I may end up picking up a few Dragon Ogres to use as Abyssal Grotesques or trying something using a few extra Ironcasters.

I've got another troop of Lesser and a single Greater Obsidian Golems glued up now waiting for a prime coat. I've also been working on my Frostgrave plastic kits so I can get to work on them once I've cleared the Abyssal Dwarves.