Friday, 30 December 2016

30th December - 29th Kings of War vs The Youngest

So after several failed attempts to get something on the table we finally managed to get a game in yesterday. We're planning to get a few games in this week but we decided to kick things off with Kings of War. Arwen decided to play with her previous Undead list again, but I went for a few changes with my Abyssal Dwarves swapping out one of the heavy mortars for a couple of dragon fire teams and fielding several changes to the infantry side of my list.

We setup for the Kill and Pillage scenario and Arwen won the deployment roll taking the side she'd loaded with objectives (well there was three of the five anyway). I won the initiative roll, but choose to give her the first turn.

Arwen began to advance slowly, keeping her army in a line across the table. I pushed ahead a little faster and managed to get a few early game shots in with my Devastators wavering her Werewolves and with a few lucky rolls routing her Wraiths. On the left flank I surged my Lesser Golems ahead as well to provided a bit of a road black for her Zombie hordes while I got the units behind them into position.

Arwen took advantage of my casual disregard of the right flank (there weren't any objectives over that side of the table so I might not have been paying as much attention as I should have) charging a regiment of Ghouls and her Wights into one of my Halfbreed regiments and after another ineffective shooting phase for her the combined weight of attacks combined with the Wights Brutal rule quickly routed them leaving my side exposed. I shuffled around on the right plugging the gap as best as I could planning on using the Gargoyles as a delaying tactic if necessary. During the shooting phase I peppered her leading horde of Zombies with everything I had in range before surging the Lesser Golems into combat with them, but despite a massive amount of wounds they managed to pass their nerve and the dark magics continued to hold them together.

Arwen continued her poor shooting (but what do you expect from Skeleton Archers let's be honest) though she got a couple of small heals off across the table, but during melee her Zombies managed to do some serious damage to the Golems and they soon crumbled to dust. Unfortunately for her this played into my hand and while her Wraiths suffered more wounds from the attention of my Devastator unit and in the centre my Greater Golem routed her Soul Reaver Cavalry the demise of my Lesser Golems opened up the path for my second regiment of Halfbreeds who proceeded to charge into the awaiting horde and sent them back into the grave.

The following turn was pretty brutal on both sides with her forces wounding mine fairly heavily but failing to break them. My turn saw much of the same and while some of my nerve rolls would have wavered normal troops her fearless Undead pulled through with out any real issues (apart from the massive wounds taken).

With her only successful Lightning Bolt spell of the game Arwen finally managed to waver my Decimators that had been camping the objective point in the forest however, thanks to the Inspiring presence of my Supreme Iron-caster it quickly became a rout (I liked my chances for the re-roll). Her luck continued through the turn as her second Zombie horde managed to rout the Halfbreeds with basically the minimal amount of wounds possible (she got a bloody twelve). However my hero did get a chance to redeem himself which he did prevent the Mummies from destroying the second unit of Lesser Golems. Which spearheaded my push during my turn and I finished up breaking a substantial portion of her force.

With her force in tatters Arwen attempted to secure as many objectives as she could but while I failed to remove her Skeleton Archers camping on one of the points I did mange to fly some Gargoyles over to contest her second one prevent her from scoring it.

The final score left me with the field and victory though it could have gone either way if the if the fourth turn had of broken more units than it did. We both had a good time and we'll be trying to something else on the table today with any luck.