Tuesday, 15 July 2014

15th July - Games, Terrain and Painting

All things considered I've squeezed quite a bit into this week gaming wise. Friday morning I started a game of Dreadball against The Wife (Forge Fathers) that saw my Veer-myn victorious on Saturday morning when we finished it off. She kept the score line fairly close for most of the game but a few unlucky dice rolls against some fairly lucky ones of mine saw me get ahead for a 6-0 victory.

Saturday night I got a game of Elder Sign in with my nephews down from Rockhampton and my daughters. It was looking dicey but we managed to seal Yog'Sothoth away without losing anyone to madness or physical trauma.

Monday night my mate Toby came round for a game of Dreadball Ultimate with myself and both daughters. We setup his Go-Pro to test it out but didn't quite get around to seeing how it worked. The game had some fairly intense moments and some funny ones. At one stage Toby had only 3 players on the pitch none of who were standing which gave myself and the Youngest a bit of room to edge ahead on the scoreboard but ultimately (see what I did there) she snatched the victory with a cheeky turn 7 landslide with a rather impressive run of evading, free actions and dashing.

That over I packed the kids into bed and setup Deadzone my Mauraders Vs Toby's Plague. This was Toby's first game and my first one in a while so it took my a few turns to dredge the rules up in the old grey matter properly but by the end everything was flowing smoothly and we finished up with another happy Deadzone player. Didn't quite remember to take photos but managed to learn that I need more buildings (specifically roofs) as I spent most of the game dodging around so I didn't present too many tempting targets for his Stage 3 mutant with the grenade launcher. Finally result went to me with a fairly commanding VP total but I was getting a bit worried until I managed to kill his Stage 2 then everything fell into place for me.

I've also managed a bit of a push on terrain this week, getting some clay hill started, finally getting my Valentines day trees and getting all of the base sprues of Deadzone Battlezone terrain undercoated.

Also I've backed a new Kickstarter I believe is worth checking out Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke, a steampunk miniatures game. Even if your not a gamer check it out just for the quality of the minis on offer.

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