Sunday, 20 July 2014

20th July - Corporation team finished and various terrain pieces

Apart from a game of Ticket to Ride I haven't got a lot of gaming in this week.

That being said I've knocked over my Corporation team from start to finish. I doubt I'll ever use them myself as a team, but I'm about half way through my Dreadball teams so we'll have a bunch of free agents for the league once I manage to fit it around everyone's schedules.

Myself and the Wife bought a new printer and with our Fat Dragon Games Ravenfell Kickstarter mostly delivered we figured it was time to print one out and get it together. We may have rushed it a little so some of the seams aren't folded as hard as they should be but it looks damn good finished, so we're quite happy with it.

As I mention last post, my level of assembled Deadzone terrain was leaving my poor Marauders rather exposed to Toby's Plague grenade launcher so over the course of a couple of nights after work I put together the battlezone sprues from the starter set and setup a much more filled and roofed board for my next game. The Eldest has yet to play so we're trying to fit in a game around her school and my work. She leaning toward the rebels at the moment so if both her and the youngest decided that's their faction looks like there'll be another parcel winging it's way to the household soonish.

Not sure what to put on the painting table next. I'm wanting to keep the momentum up on the Dreadball teams which would mean the Robot team next, but I've got a bit of an urge to start up on the Deadzone Marauders....

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